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Do you know that we can all be enlightened and joyful?  

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All about this website now can conclude shortly in this video, it is changing to the message on the video just like your life can have a great transformation. I think that the message in this video is a good example or demonstration, about why you can change purpose of things or your life when your mind understand something different or get clearer. This website had a lot of information but now just come to conclude shortly in the video, from trying hard of me before!!! to try to explain, but then it is amazing just change to conclude in this video or another expression is another video. It just change suddenly like that, once I start to work on my own healing until it treat the part of I find some ways to release some strange symptom of my body. This symptom is mean something to learn for the issues of energy of mind and body. If you find out at least from my free meditate session then you will understand about it.

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Value of life can be created and increased start by finding your true self or self-understanding in the way it really is. Once you ' be' your true self deeply you will be at one with ‘the mind’ - Align with the universe or unite with consciousness.
So to work on self-fulfillment should be only by learn to understand who you are, to connect and understand the mechanism of include each individual self (your true self) and the wholeness of nature (of the source or divine).

Once human understand that, we will be able do the right function of who we are and according to, as we are components of nature. We all can also relate right, suit with the whole mechanism that running in all thing (wholeness), as we are parts of it. And the better we can do this, the more we stop moving out of balance but get back to balance instead. 

And most of all is you would be the most joyful, if do what you love, enjoy doing them for what you have a great skill on.
The way we organize is for you to learn are experimented by your conviction realization right away and in all process in effective methods by focusing on work on yourself, with the right tools and techniques for you. So you can be clear and connect with your deep true self and your highest self. Read more about it below the table of contents

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How to heal yourself, be joy, life fulfilling & achieve independence. 

Do you know that we can all be enlightened and joyful?

Do  you need to learn how to understand yourself, find life balance, and be fulfilling? We offer unique courses to achieve independent with effective deep truth of nature methods.

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To be balanced and to be enlightened or manifest (the true deep understanding I will use this word:’ enlighten’) must start from self understanding and wholeness mechanism for learning and development, that since you understand yourself and the law of nature or the mechanism of what things work, that relate to each thing naturally you will find out powerful that helpful for us to be peace relax and completely grow, you will realize by yourself step by step with us.

Self healing level, 

You may need to learn and understand the process of how it works? Once you try our methods, you will experience yourself, and find out that totally different just like take you to different directions (from the true direction of energy purification and just logical knowledge that you can understand by your brain, but it come through your heart and your feeling, while you can feel clear and feel lighter), even many places have the same purpose or the same story but if you can feel the sense of it easier, it must be great energy source support it, for the place and the methods we introduce to you. 
To work on yourself to clear your mind, will help to get your purpose of life clearer, which that will help you to find you inspiration, if you know that whPhoto on 8-2-57 BE at 3.54 PMy you are here on earth.
Some people just come with the reason that they need to learn to meditate to find peace or learn and practice yoga, but not direct to find the root cause of the problems to find true or sustainable solutions, we lead you to purify your mind and guide you to find out your whole system of life and all things so you will create your great understanding that bring you to your right path to your great source of love, wisdom, peace that you can be release and be independence any way. 
Once you know that need to heal yourself, since you understand that why you need to be healed, from seeing through whole picture and structure of the issues you need to deal with and might in your whole life, what ever conflict or who ever cause situations, you can understand through them. So you then know what you need exactly, If your mind clears to know what it require, you know what to focus on now. And since that you will be able to find out your solutions.
To be one and still mind, which will bring at right time and the right step of your insight knowledge, you will find the power of your focusing mind. It is the way we will help you to find your insight knowledge, will be explained in each part. It must base on these 2 things, in healing it need solution, and solution by understands how you can heal as well, it will support each other. And the next one is about life revolution, which is my title talk about self fulfilling, it is the step of find your value of life so you can share to all those who wish to see the light as well.

Inner mind level.

Once you passed the level of healing, you will find your wisdom to obtain peaceful mind stable mind which will increase and maintain your love energy because once you are wise, you will love, not angry or being aggressive like that. Once you have more love in your heart your value of life will increase because you will live your life with full of love energy to share and to help others who need or in struggling on earth.
And as you do that you will be independence because, you are healed and you can help to help others, you collected love energy, merit and perfection, so you have high energy to be independence. That should happen step by step, if you will learn more to focus on purpose of independence, what should it mean, if you define it by yourself and you have the target of to be complete pure and to be one with the source by go back home, original that you are from. Your spirit will be eternal energy or eternal life, completely release from all of pain or any unsatisfied thing, nothing can impact you, once you are stable energy, will never change to be up and down, black and white or dark and light, because that is absolutely pure state of mind. That should be the highest state that we support all of us direct your final target to, but still we will focus on present level, whatever it is, we will help you to grow from there.
So for the advance you will be guide to reach consciousness or the perfect level (or point) of you. 
Even though, there are people who would say that they don’t have any problem, but in fact once things keep inside, which will occur when they are angry, stress, frustration or what ever that might not express themselves but still they are there, silence or express them out loud (obvious). Since everybody is not complete the process of growth or development yet, while you are still on earth, the imperfect place, people can say untrue words, even though they don’t lie.
You will find out of the complement in the system I provided to support you to find your true self. Once you complete all steps with us, which a lot are about to go back deep within, for your work on, you should find your highest self. And you have the high value of life that you should be able to find it, just people had lost till they have no idea that it is this easy to find such great life of themselves.
You really need to experience yourself as there are just totally different could be like take you to different directions for many of them, but actually to the same purpose or to work on to make your purpose clearer.

So it is learning and work on yourself or training to both true knowledge to find your true self and by the time of your process you must be healthier both body and mind, because it is true knowledge, so you should see the result on your process or working through the right methods. You would increase awareness, peace, energy and light. Also being joyful in work on things. But it must be by working on yourself honestly. Read more