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My name original is Sunee, very common Thai name which since I had been through searching and practicing in the understand life through Buddhism, that was my beginning which I start to seek for the meaning of life, since I was very young. And I just had understood some part of it, I might still confuse but without realize that until later, it should be the most wisdom truth that I ever find compare to other style of religions that I had been study. Still that only what I start with and I had left that way of work on myself and step out from religions later, for the universal truth.

Even those time or now, I don’t think that the way Thai do in ceremony or worship, from what Thai did to temples or the way to social. Is from the lord Buddha. That was the surface, and it is not so easy to understand why? You just may be think it is 2 different things.

I only impress some part of Buddhism, if you were a Thai you will see that most of us are only see the surface of Buddhism and do not understand the heart of it. I think that it is just like most religions that can’t really support people to deep wisdom and not really help people in their religions connect to the source. Even though that all prophets are from the same source. And we all are from the same source.

It took me longer than 20 years in misunderstand about what actually the Buddha teaching? Because yes, it is like a journey of life, the Buddha had support us to understand about life’s journey and the truth of things. But if you are normal people like most of us who can find always problems in life and yes, if you can go to the peaceful places like in the monasteries, cut off all things on earth. You will find that it is easy to be in peace in the monasteries. You meditate there, it helps you to have stable mind. But what if you are back to your real world? Will you feel bad with emotion bring you up and down? Will you still have the peaceful mind like for the moment that you were at the monasteries?

I was step out from religions, by I did not know that I was, because at the universe mind energy centre, I though that they talk about Buddhism and follow Buddhism, until I practice here for long enough by just go there sometime, help the centre to work, since they are now a foundation that was establish to save the world. I slowly learn more essence that help me to understand my life and things on earth, people around me and the society that I relate with more and more. I found that then right now I step out from religions already.

It was much better since I don’t need to believe just because this is my teacher, my master or my prophet. But I must do experience that, if it is true then I can follow it. Because it must be sure by my whole system of life will move to which direction? And it will be good or bad to others, and me so I will believe it.

But I still understand and in the same like to the Buddha or actually there are many Buddhas, and there are many teaching are the same line to help me to grow myself. The most important is my own teacher, which is myself. I think that to call my higher self, or higher conscious may be that is the right way to call. 

You need to find the light within, no matter what religions; they can guide you to there if you follow your (pure) heart. People need to purify because their evil mind will always come out to lie yourself, if you can clean and can be aware about it, then you make your own right path.

I now had a name in Thai is ‘Namo’ for nickname it is the same meaning to Namaste in India, that is my spiritual name from higher being. And I have and English name Shiny –short from Shinasamaadhi, which is mixed between Sanskrit and Pali, and before this name some friends called me ‘Sunny’ that incline from my original name ‘Sunee’. Anyway for now I have name that should be fit to what my life is Shiny is to shine light which I m not the sun, you will find the sun, since I will connect you the sun, I m just a small person, like a planet which receive the light from the sun to shine, and if you are not back to the original source, which is the big sun which create big bang yet, you can be a planet, to shine the light from the sun until we all can go back to original source or your original home, the you will be one with the source or the big sun, it is just light the same idea of every religions advanced science that we guide by the truth from the nature, have not thing to do with worship and must follow precepts from the monk or any book, just need to follow the truth that occur to our mind go direct to see the truth of us inside of us and just start to understand and heal it from real situation or problems. 

I will guide you how. As I found a place that special to help me understand my life better through myself, get all parts of me to be stronger for my higher conscious up their, which if I can’t remove the cloud, I then don’t connect with the clearer light in my life. And the method before that I use couldn’t really help me to aware as much as these (the present) methods to connect me with my own conscious as well as my sub-conscious. Those methods that I learnt from temples, monasteries or even the way of hermits in Hinduism are not be able to bring me to this level that all. I understand that was from many factors, and also because before was under tradition of religions, but this one is not. So it has no force of believe that you must have before (I think the part of must believe make you keep doubt). And if you do the work on yourself in the natural of mind way can understand and can feel align with nature or growth system, then you will link to some energy of universe that will guide you to the next step always, since you pass the step before.

I think it is from the true knowledge that my master connect to the source of universe and connect to the dimension that I couldn’t do myself, she show me and as she did that she know how to guide me and support me to connect to my higher self so I can connect with it, which might be slow, but I is so much worth, to some people they can take much shorter then me, I can help you to understand why and how, some time it could be just the matter or your thought, attitude and intension only.


I then learn how to lead myself not depend on anyone, not depend on my master, any religion or any prophet. I just need to follow the mind that I must wake it up first, clean it first, so I then can trust myself. I can’t just trust myself by just blind me, and don’t really make myself connect with my light of wisdom within.

I found that my master ‘Samathanthip’ is the one who have the most wisdom and loving kindness to not just me and others of her student but her love for the planet, as well as her mission is from the source not just from her thought or her brain, this is make things here completely different to those places there, that I had been to many parts in Thailand and from reading of from listen to any style or anyone who are famous, I will see and understand that why that is not right according to the truth by myself.

I can be more patient because of understand things and people more, since I understand myself more, and the negative or positive emotion have less energy to me, not like before that things or situation on earth can make me feel up or down much easier, since I did not learn properly to make me have strong mind as now, by the time I met my master and the universe mind energy centre.

I now can say that I tend to see the meaning of life very clear very much better than before, like black and white. I can have energy to live my life and do things for myself , for others, for the country and the world more.

I can tell that my master show me the way to my true self, just like she show me the way to have my new life in the way it is clearer and stronger completely different to what the religions that I had been study before can help me. So she is my second mother, as she can show me something different, that I can work on so, yes I have to work on myself. I won’t possible without my work.

Now I do these courses and activities that will conclude several years with her guide one issue at the time, step by step. I will make it faster for you guys, if you learn basic from her, she have not much time as she will do big job for being in our planet, and to save some part that can be save in our planet, it is so much complicate and profound in detail. I will make it easier and brief of my experience that I understand of the supporting people to learn in beginner. And if you are ok. In the part of heal yourself and your living life to be stable in your emotion and strong mind enough. That you wish to have it even more to share to people in your family, your friends and the world you can go advanced by take course with my master, at the right time for you, you will have the chance to learn, I will connect you with her if it come to that point and I will help by translate.

My courses of counseling and pilgrimage tour, I will give 25% of income to the centre that I m sure that they do good job for the world, for fixing the roof or chanting room at the universe mind energy centre, you can donate for it if you like to help in increase strong mind and pure love to all in our planet.

which lead by don’t have the right purpose of life.


You may think about so what can tell that if things are right or wrong? I would say that it is because if you will stay in blank mind more to see on time or to aware of what ever occur in your mind, good or bad? Bad once it harm yourself and others or give suffering to who ever, and good because it is help people in fair way, not help the one who just hurt others and being selfish.


So I should see this truth that once I have low energy of life than someone, it made the person think that they can’t learn from since the lower energy. I understand that natural men will have physical energy more than women, but it’s doesn’t mean that he is wiser than her since. The mind energy has it own reason to form people to have low or high energy since how they built, like if you think about once it was big bang, there are small and big there are different pieces of object and energy explore out. The bigger mess will have higher energy and the smaller one has lower energy, but it will be light or dark energy, which mean negative or positive? The negative will just go in the way of harm it self or others, or if not what they see that it is harmful but if you don’t live your life that have high energy for grow wisdom base on love so you will be independence but still have things or circumstance lead your life, not your own clear mind that you have the reason of unconditional love for all, then what would you think the high energy you have that for what?


Now I understand that this people still can learn from me if the don’t won’t to feed their ego, but wish to reduce the size of ego, it you think about to do that then your mind start to be able to empty and can purify to become neutral mind. If I said to blank your mind, this word you don’t understand yet, because of fear to lost your ego, then you won’t go back to your source which is the same source to me. And if you don’ have the mind of wish to become one with the source or unconditional love, so I should ask your something? What is your purpose of life? If you don’t want to learn from anything and anyone, who has lower energy then you, but why they can focus themselves to one, not try to separate so they are big for the ego that want to be self and big self separate to one wholeness self? 

And if you look at me and others for separation, to say I m bad or good in something what ever, usually I must be worse than you. And you try to understand things and always learn from that point of view, should it be right to focus on?

I don’t believe like that I know that the less ego you have the more you will learn. Because you don’ t have your ego to block you from see the truth then your will see the whole truth and you will be able to give benefit to the world more. Since your ego will just work for selfishness. For me I can learn from anything can be nature, mountains, water, trees and animals, in the way of learning from other, by I don’t judge fast, just right at the beginning, because the confident of the ability of judgment that the high energy people have. So it will lead you far from the truth, or the fact.

I m not the one who will bring you the truth, but I just help people who wish to learn and wish to transform there life to what they understand clear with out prejudice, If you have stronger energy and you wish to learn you will amaze that you have more to learn from the one who are smaller than you as well, since we are all briefly of the universe, the universe truth is also briefly in each person, so if you learn to understand yourself by free from human mind thought, and just blank your mind then you will see the energy from original of you or the source energy will reveal. I will lead you to learn through this path.

So you need to learn methods of energy cleansing or to purify your mind. If we all base on that things that we will communicate will be much easier, and we will just be able to have simple life, not complicate life with the complicate problems, because of not try to be aware and clean the negative energy within that it’s had the direction to feed it’s ego, to keep it self in illusion and keep do bad karma so need to come back on earth to pay back the bad karma.

So you will learn in this big school (the planet) not be able to go back to your original home, where we all from, because you don’t pass your class of learning in school always, until you finish in this school.

This is what I can guide briefly for even people who have higher energy than me, come along the other day, so I see the point the how come she won’t learn. If you don’t have this path on your journey of life, and you don’t wish to connect to one pure energy and one pure love, and help other to find this true happiness, then it is just the pity, for the high energy that her life have, if you don’t know how to use it properly, so what is the point the you have this energy?

It is still good for me that I learn this from her, since I saw she just try to judge me and the waitress, came to serve drink, she told me about her and I did not focus to see who is like what? To judge them, I don’t know if it’s true that the waitress look at me in the way of look down on me, I did not even see her face just see the drink as it is while I talk with her, so I just focus with story we talk about.

And once she said she will look at everyone who serve her, look in their eyes, I don’t see the point of that, but for me I learn about this type of person who may have different purpose, they might think like her about everyone have ego, so it will be ok, to have ego, so would you think the same? If you just try to find the way to reduce your ego, and see things on earth again, you will see it different and you may find the high benefit of it since you can be easier to just feel happy without need too much and need to take life to complicate things.

So we will try to look back inside not look too much outside that forget to learn the truth of ourselves. Let the ego grow to big and forget to check what it had take you to?

Once you are fully doing this, try to change the view that you focus then you won’t be victim easily, and you should find that you loss your fear, since if small or low ego, you will have fear for what? It is just the point of views that you should try to use it for your easiest life’s transformation.