Advanced spiritual for awareness learning introduction and warning.

Advanced spiritual for awareness learning introduction and warning issue to aware.

If you are already advanced, in spiritual learning, you need to understand something more, (might be a lot more than you think but it is very important in the true knowledge), if you like to find sustainable life and try the most effect methods that we find and offering.

Many advanced level of spiritual might not notice this.

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As I had been learning and work on myself a lot before the methods that my master now teach me, I did not realize that my understand of now had change from the knowledge of spiritual that trained on our planet, until I found advanced people who wish to learn our techniques. I find that this kind of people need more help than beginner. It will take us more energy and more time. As for myself I had take long time to keep go and learn with my master, but I must then conclude, all of knowledge to audience for only one day, or a few day of beginner course or workshop. If you learn online, you can take just small step of learning by the time, a little by the time, you can understand clearer and deeper that way. Or if you have a few days in Chiang Mai, you must pay high attention and keep continue, use the methods later in your life. You will find out yourself prayinganyway that, it is the most direct and the fastest way for you. It made me realize that, since it seem that this kind of people understand, but they misunderstand so much, and it is not easy to get some people to release the attachment on the dogma that they believe first so then they will learn something new that make the enormous different to the patterns of believe that they have before.  Even that I will be some how, to find the way to the point of difficult things of people who are advanced in spiritual or the one who believe that they understand to use the techniques that they might not understand the effective or the real value of it. If you can open to learn and use the system we find that it lead human to success to the point that they don’t ever imagine that they could and it is exist there, also how it is. But for these advanced people I usually find that it hard for them to learn because of they will use to think in term of give value or evaluate in the way they use to, as it is the habit, during the time in learning with us, for example they need to work on 5 steps, in all of the process, but by first or second step they are in they judge with the point of view they have already. That will distract all of the process of our system. So they can’t complete learning and work on themselves in the way we guide, that why they can’t success in the process, it is from the block of being advanced. Another timages-13hing is about to start as a beginner, or start like all of beginner that we guide. It is the trouble of being in a advanced level, it is not easy for them to blank their mind to start again, I can just say that if you don’t start now, and wait until you are too far losing, then you will start, you will waste even more time in your life anyway.


If you can release your old knowledge and attachment in the dogma that you understand before, and can start to reset your self from zero, you will be able to find the hi-speed technique to learn to be able to get back to your source (your original home) where you are from. It will spend shortest time on this imperfect earth; don’t need to get back to birth again (reincarnation). It seems like philosophy of Buddhism only, but the science we lead you to find the truth yourself here is not in side just one religions it is out of religions, and in religions, it is just be align with the truth of the universe only, so not be able to contain in any religions.