Awareness and factors of awareness

This page only for people who need to be able to understand their level of awareness, and can evaluate themselves honestly.

If you can now check yourself, and can be able to hear any true, no need to escape the truth because you really wish to get rid of all negative in your life growth.

If you are strong and calm enough, to find you true self, you need to see your own habits, how you are now correctly and honestly.

I will start with the strong question and will continue ask yourself to look inside, to answer yourself with all these questions.

Do you ever think how much of achieve stability and independence for your level at the moment?

And did you think about to check it at any time in your life? And have you ever think about what to do in your life? Or why did you born? Why do you are here on earth? And know that why do you life your life?

You can’t build the direction of your life and if you just try to make money as much as you can for your pleasure, for entertain. Without knowing your life meaning, people can get bored, dried up and feel empty. You need to understand your life meaning and if not, we will facilitate you, with our tools, it will help you to find true happiness. But don’t expect anything because to expect is wasting time and energy to work on it.

Also to focus on things that you will get you will lost focus on understand the whole things, like situations, works, problems and hard to find wisdom for sustainable solution. So it means that since you get any tools or methods from our courses and workshops guidance. All won’t work if you won’t use them later on, or might not use them enough at the right point, if you have not strong mind, or clear mind enough to focus on your path of your life meaning, what to do in your life for?

Once you work on it in the right point and you function yourself in the right position. All will come out to let you smile, not fear and stress.

So if transform your life, is what you want, then our course is exactly right for you.

There are so many philosophies that people like and wish to follow almost everywhere, that seems to be the same to what we provide course of natural methods, just because most people are far away from nature, so they and just have fast judgment like that. As many people are not able to find profound natural system to fulfill their awareness. One of the misunderstandings already by saying increases awareness; you can’t increase awareness, actually how much you can increase? Is it just like the machine can increase temperature? It can do very high up to higher than 1000 degree? How to be aware is about to be fulfilled with awareness? You must see the whole picture, in learn to the right and true with the nature start to be right from small things and don’t loss your right direction.

Our awareness courses is unique also because we consider the particular person in order to fulfill, get back to balance life naturally, the need of addressing individual issues in a way that is powerful and effective.

Do you understand awareness and factors of awareness?

Do you know that most places in the world teach people to the wrong direction?

This is just some notice that I must warn you, so you understand awareness and factor of awareness; I must worn first so beginners won’t get loss. And a lot of people are loss at the moment. From not understand awareness and factors of awareness.

People do meditation practicing and practice to aware but still cant get rid of fear, not free from anger, from attachment illusion and greedy, by unaware about it, and with such a big mistake is to build such a big ego and more pain so can’t be in stability, and feel even more fear. And only once you experience, the state of mind that away from fear, no matter what happen in your physical and social positive, then you will see that most methods of spiritual growing, are not support you to be free. And you will see how effective of our methods, since you use them and find that where they lead you to? And it is different.

You must be free from your tricky minds and have clearing mind, which mean your have strong mind and clear enough, to be able to see the important truth. The truth about yourself, and your tricky mind that try to lie you (you will see yourself). Once your mind is not clean enough you won’t see the true world then it leads yourself to just waste time, money, make mistake. The clear and strong mind will move strong and stable forward. it will take you to the right place, the right person, the right job and the right situations.

To have balance mind would help you to have clearing and strong mind, it need to get rid fear or from any thing that harm your strong mind. Stop those, which block you from spiritual growing. If you are sure that you are here on earth for life meaning, in to give benefit for not, just you and people you love, you will learn and practice to grow yourself for help to balance lives, and balance the planet as well.

You might see a lot of people or some people there (might be you as well) learn and do meditation practicing (kind of spiritual growing. But they must go to the monasteries to find peaceful mind they must go to a peaceful place, otherwise it will get low, get stuck in problems and struggling don’t have peaceful mind. If it must be like that always or most of the time, and it is hard to except the truth about this. So they keep talk about it, to show that they know they have studied. The boasting can be a lot because of the feeling of insecurity, since they cant find the true solution, and just can lie to escape the truth of the bad feeling from not really understand. That is such a big illusion and exactly wrong direction. The unawareness of this make they go too far in to teaching and writing books, and spread all those illusion they have. So they are fault knowledge everywhere on earth.

Many places that teach awareness courses, but can’t help you to get rid of fear, this is not right isn’t it? The causes of misunderstand in awareness, by can just have you in imagine that you can do and you know, can’t stop busy mind and worrying, because of don’t know the whole pictures and factors of awareness. Fear create the mask and wall to protect itself to continue bury in people, especially people don’t understand about spiritual cleansing, they can’t explain clearly in experience of clearing mind to be strong mind and to get rid of fear. They just want you (or others) to depend on them so it feed their ego and to be proud of that. You must be aware and check that if you are relax once you company with these people? But you must be clear and honest to yourself. As another trick is they know how to give you compliment so it feed your ego. It is your responsible to not just let yourself in fear, and let yourself to the wrong direction.

If it is you yourself are now strong enough to look inside, you determined to start to fact the truth in yourself. You can stop attach too much to what you have been practicing for a long time but not allow you to be free from ego, fear, negative emotion that drive you to not the right state. If you are brave enough to check that your state of mind is ok. You don’t need to make any excuse and lie, you can be honest and strong mind, you would no need to have any secret. Then you are ready to experience our effective tools and methods that we will guide. But if you are not ready yet, you must you must wish to bring yourself to the ready position, then we can help you.

As I was loss for long enough in spiritual world, I can explain and can compare, that how about each main methods that teaching on earth are, and what they will lead you to. You and find out by experience it yourself as well. So this should be important warning so you don’t get loss in spiritual growing.


Question yourself about if your mind strong enough? Clear and be sure that you don’t need to lie yourself and should be able to be away from fear, or unable to? 

And you need to have enough experience with our methods and the methods you use to use. Otherwise you dont see what I explain but just imagine about it, which it could be wrong.

The only thing that you can try, so you understand why our method is effective try at least a workshop with us, and use the methods to see if they are work? Otherwise you wont see the powerful and the different at all by just read and hear about it, and imagine that you understand it (may be just by your brain, but not you (your life, energy or whole system of being you). If you can compare to other methods already by your understanding with brain and without pass cleansing. I can tell that is illusion understand and sorry for that. But I do my best by give this warn for you to have at least more observe and be more aware about things, as much as you can. And keep improve your ability in awareness. Learn awareness courses and if you pass through my awareness counseling, I m sure that you can miss it.