Heal yourself workshops

Learn to heal yourself, essential mind cleansing or spiritual cleansing ( also reading), self healing workshops that should be for all level to start with.

If you realise that learn how to heal yourself, is what we all to do, as you must responsible to heal yourself. And we all are in the school of life on this planet, Heal yourself is the first step, the second step involves raising your mind up to achieve your life purpose. So it is learn how to grow yourself. We support you to do these 2 levels of your mission.

Spiritual reading or ‘karma reading’ is a must, for this level, it’s like if you want to built your house, will you just built it up with out clear the space (land) first? As if there is messy weald, so the same to built your life properly, you need cleansing which must begin by get spiritual reading in Buddhist way we call ‘karma reading’ or karma check, But most Buddhist in Thailand don’t understand karmic law, just by believe and don’t really learn and practice they only know surface and miss understand about it. This workshop will open the door for you to understand, much deeper than most Buddhist in Thailand. It is about to help you read your life, understanding yourself by the true.

If you understand karmic law, it is about to check or to test find our the total karma, and actually to read generally your energy block. Check level of your mind (how pure?) and how can you unblock or if not really about unblock that you need. You need to move forward, so need to remove the energy block, which if not you then can’t (or hardly) move forward. Normally people have block, either more or less. There for all courses of beginner in level 1 (cleansing level) start by One day workshop which include karma reading,

Workshops : We offer One day and Two days workshop.

Normally I met people who are interested in yoga and meditation. I think they must interested in the same thing to what I offer. But most are only can view some pieces of the jigsaw. The whole picture of process in mind development to grow yourself is not easy for most people to see it. Because normally people can’t see the picture of themselves. You need the mirror, and even some mirror is too clear, people might be angry, couldn’t accept that so they won’t see the truth, as they don’t want to. So people might don’t focus on see holistic picture but only some pieces of the jigsaw.

As if you see how come the practicing like yoga, meditation and chanting and help in spiritual growth and how come they combination at the right point and you need the right for how, which method? And the right order as well, you really need to understand yourself to grow yourself and both way, balance of mass (physical part) and spiritual (energy part). To grow yourself need to balance your life. And you need to understand yourself in deep wide and high in level of energy as well. From my experienced, you can’t just do single thing, like yoga or meditation, or even other kind of practicing. You must lead by deep cleansing, must clear all dirt and mud or clouds of emotion. Then your inner guide will start to connect to you and lead you to your inner light. And the connection with your true self will lead you to learn and practice which one first and what after step by step.

Your inner guide will give you strong mind to do, or what to learn and how much to do, but all of that your need to understand energy cleansing and healing and do it up to the right point first. Then it will strengthen your mind, this strong mind will lead you. If you have such a clear and strong mind that lead you, then you will have no fear, and the result of that will prove to you in positive result. This is what you need to prove yourself, I just share you my knowledge and experienced.

Our workshop have the heart of it which is spiritual reading or the karma reading, which from my almost 30 years of searching and experiment, I find that it is almost can say ‘the only door’ of spiritual journey.

Spiritual cleansing One days workshop

Spiritual cleansing Two days workshop