Healing yourself, be joy, life fulfilling & achieve independence steps

Healing yourself, be joy, life fulfilling & achieve independence steps.

Learn: self understanding and wholeness mechanism for learning and development, that since you understand yourself and the law of nature or the mechanism of what things work, that relate to each thing naturally you will find out powerful that helpful for us to be peace relax and completely grow, you will realize by yourself step by step with us. 

When you realize that that you need to be healed, you can get healing, but the most powerful that drive you to achieve your life purpose is, you learn to heal yourself and work on your self step by step. You understand your whole life with the depth; the wide as well as the whole picture, which you must go to the whole point of yourself. If you do it yourself you will be able to take all of the root cause of any problems, because you will be the one who understand yourself the most, and can do all detail and complete in yourself development. To realize that we are from the same source? And we connected to each other; we connected with everything and with the source, it is for someone you pass through the process can understand and find the way to support or guide you like me (Shiny and my team work that you can find more about us, and I will introduce you more as well).
Our guidance will support you from the point that you actual are, and as far as you wish. You will be the one who work on yourself. I m sure that we can give you basic part that you need so you will be able to connect to your guide and develop yourself to guide yourself.
So you will find your wisdom to be able to connect with your own light and continue your spiritual development until you achieve the highest state of mind and spirit, as human being can be able to.
To understand deep to energy level that will wake your whole system up, it is very profound, and for true knowledge it will transform your life to higher value so it won’t be just understand by your brain, like information knowledge that you can get every where on our earth, but the energy level of knowledge will bring you energy of life, joyful, feeling amaze or feeling wonderful. If you open your own door to the miracle of life as you find the miracle of true knowledge that shine the light to your heart and soul step by step.
From my own experienced and what I had search, which I spend all my life to do that, I found that there are
  1. Level of psychology or what people experience makes people see things different, understand life and all things with different attitude or vision. If you experience more pain, suffering, struggling that course you negative emotion, it will build people’s characters. And also the positive or love that you experience once your are young, from your childhood along way to the present, all of this create different understanding about life and the whole universe.
  2. Level of karma, people had been collected both positive and negative actions by though, word and physical body action, which could be from this life or previous lives. The energy of all of those we create still effect the present until you do karma or action in the present to remove the negative energy that you create anytime in the past, some how, what we offer is right away to the point so you can do your karma cleansing, to unblock you path, to clear your obstacles and problems in life from your work, your family, your relationship your friendship and your life development with both physical and spiritual part. So it will be all about to find the right cause that you have done in the past, to understand and act properly as well as straight to the point to the issue that you might don’ t see with your visual eyes, but we have someone who see and connect with spiritual world do channeling to find the root causes any problems that you don’t understand by physical eyes and your present life’s brain.
  3. Level of universe, if you pass the level of karma, then you can grow in spiritually fast, as you can use hi-speed universe system to learn and understand who you are in the level of energy purification. You will understand things in the form of energy the dimension, that most of us don’t have eyes to see it even we are energy. Since are not our body, if you don’t understand or don’t connect to your own mind your and don’t find your true self yet, you will need to learn until you develop to find it. You suppose to find your own light, to be conquering and to be independence. If you still depend on things, that can suppress you, made you to a victim or can’t really grow to the path that your life made for, you are then not yet complete your process of life growth.
So actually I am here to support you in your life growth, in term of spiritual growth, that we all suppose to achieve, just the society fool us, to make just in the locked, in darkness energy, in difficulty of emotion, fear insecurity so a lot of us still act not right by being selfish or have aggressive mind. The not appropriate minds will still do negative karma and give themselves causes of suffering.
The misunderstanding of human is trying to disconnect with all things that we need to connect with for inner wisdom light, cause human be dissolute from illusion in their minds.
I have variety courses, workshops and activities to help you guys in different methods for each one because so it can go straight to the point of each person issues.
Isn’t the value of life found by understanding or finding your true self in the way it really is? Once you get deep within and ‘ be’ your true self you will be one mind- align with the universe and be one consciousness.
So to work on self-fulfillment should be only by learn to understand who you are, to connect and understand the mechanism (of the source), include each individual self and the wholeness of nature. Therefore learn how to understand your life according to the law of nature or the truth of the universe.
Once human understand that we then do the right function of who we are and according to as we are components of nature. We all need to relate right suit with the whole mechanism that running in all thing (wholeness), as we are part of it. If we can do it more, we will stop moving to imbalance and get back to balance instead. 

And most of all is you would be the most joyful, if do what you love, enjoy doing them and which you have a great skill on.
The way we organize is for you to learn are experimented by your conviction realization, right away and in all process in effective methods by focusing on work on yourself. So you can be clear and connect with your highest self, as well as your own root or your true self that you will find out that is the same thing.

General idea of why the methods we guide work great?

It is the truth about life and all things of the universe that we focus on learn to understand and put our self to the right place or we do the right function
because of the true understanding on the truth, so it fixes the individual system and the whole system for the next step, so all of nature mechanism work properly. While the misunderstanding and wrong direction that most methods direct us to, will create problems endless. And most healing and spiritual people thought that they are understand, if you really wish to find the truth and the most powerful so it save time, energy and deterioration of your life (body and mind), it is really worth to find out something with us.
Our path is to fix, to heal to reduce and to protect problems ahead. You must see the whole picture of the right knowledge then you will be clear that a lot of methods, or ideas that people follow always miss something. You will also see that why they are not powerful for life transformation that effect to the whole planet’s to transformation. I don’t think that you should miss it at all to find out our system of learning for life’s transformation at all since.
We help you will all level to make you progress learning in your school of life. So we use all true knowledge, no need to limit in some fields, some religions. We are from the same source and I don’t think that the source would create you and me in different purpose or mechanism of growth between us, just because of nations, race believe or religions.
Find out more about general idea that why you need to understand fast, and use your highest potential fast, so we can be fast in the right and sustainable solutions for yourself, people you love and our planet should be alright fast. Before the misunderstanding of human mind (had been too much and too far from the truth) will destroy most of us and the planet, which that will be too late Click Don’t miss it, initiation concept of the powerful grow your life methods with us.

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Follow me to my clear in understand the truth that we base on, so you have the right attitude and it should inspire you to work on yourself for both yourself and all things on earth that you open your heart to love.

1. Principles of true grow to the light that will give your life answers.

2. Self understanding; find out your true self & your purpose of life.

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