How to understand yourself and to be wise in living, counseling online.

Learn how to understand yourself, if you wish a peaceful mind, to balance your life, to be stable and to be wise, for individual issues, that why you need to use different methods.

For how to understand yourself, you need clean your negative energy, which everyone have good and bad energy store in, it just like everything you use you need to clean them. And if you learn how to increase energy, and use it to practice, you will find wisdom mind, if you have energy to make you first stable mind. And the wisdom mind will help you to bring and maintain your peaceful mind.

To wish to know how to understand yourself, is not enough, if you learn and understand how, you really need to your work on it and if you understand that each individual person have different back ground, so they will have different conflict, or what they find it is hard to go overcome in life, so I will focus on one to one and try to facilitate you to see the whole picture of your life, and it must be deep and wide cover everything, you need to find out your inner self and release all that make you stuck on and feel low energy or feel down. There are many factors, many things to learn, to balance your life, I start step by step, if it is direct way align with natural truth.

This course of counseling I will guide you to work on yourself on your life’s transformation, during 6 months, and will be 3-4 sessions a month. So it will be your personal guidance since I found that after people take methods from what they learn in one or 2 days heal yourself workshop. Some people, most of them just lost inspiration because of may be life move to good situation but not finish the process yet, but once people have no hard circumstance they will be easy to be careless. So they don’t keep continue work on themselves, it will be easy to get lost from the path, and until life took them to trouble again if you are not aware to remind yourself that you will work on your self and will grow.

My idea of counseling course for long term enough, by the way in help you get through good and bad time whatever you can learn from your life, in deep to aim to your core (your true self or your root). I would think that it will help you do keep learning, through your living life as it is a demonstration time of the six months you have someone who is seriously be in spiritual world guide you during the time while you are in your world.

You may need help to take care of some part that you might forget look at, to remind something about you since normally people don’t see their own back or whatever behind them. Because to be in situation yourself or to play in the game, you may not see the whole thing in the game, so normally in a big game people need coaching. It is life coaching, that I think it should be a period of time that have enough length of time.

If you like to understand yourself in level of mind to clear your mind, level of emotion, to support yourself emotion to find stable mind, help in see thing by the truth, strength your mind so you can face problems in life, understand yourself, people problems and the world in the level that you can be able to let go and relax. And would you need to find deep energy within to support your state of mind to be all right most of the time and always. By the time you live your life and will keep learning, and find yourself more balance and more relax by the time you have creative energy that you feel thing things in the world challenging you to learn and always grow your mind.

I m the one who pass most kinds of feeling and emotion, I think I understand enough in most parts. And I had been use most kind in try to understand myself start from Psychology, which mean the point of views like human and views, about life. And I would use the mind of beyond human, but according to the energy truth to views as well. People have different level in problems; it may be just from mind, from deep energy that collected from many lives time, and from society, life experiences the different understanding of lives and attitude. Things in your will slowly reveal to make you be able to see them and understand them by yourself, while you have some one help you to be aware and remind what you forget to look. Also guide you to grow in to pure energy, like pure love and wisdom, which it take some time to get step my step in wake your mind up.

Because of we cover in many levels, myself Shiny trained in Psychologist as a counselor and did variety kinds of practicing in spiritual, you can try by Heal yourself workshop then you will see that what it should be for the counseling course. If you really need life transformation you need this course definitely.

Course fee is 407 USD for only 3 sessions (1.5 hour for a session) a month in 6 months course. And if you like 4 sessions a month because you think that you need help deeper, it will be clearer and help your mind in strength your mind in more concentrate then for this 4 sessions a month will be 542 USD. Hope you are always finding balance and have stable mind.