Life growth concept; inspiration, spiritual energy and energy of life.

For life growth concept; inspiration mind, spiritual energy, which is powerful healing energy and energy of life. 

Energy of life is what starts with; As spiritual energy or inner energy is what we need because once you have inspiration energy do anything for all principles, according to page of principle we have 4 of them.

Since you will have the mood or the feeling like to go for them (good mood principle), either food or air or exercise for your complete health. And the most of all is you take care of yourself to go for your purpose of life that you might know it now, unclear about it or you don’t know it yet. What ever we will facilitate you to find out deeper within you. So basically we emphasize to start with ‘MOOD’ so you are strong, clear and inspire to grow your life further in other components that you need to.
If you have the feeling that you like to do, and it is what you think that you should do, from your heart your mind and your feeling all go together, you will enjoy doing that in your life. So if your work is like that, you might not care that you will have the wages, or get pay, as long as you have enough to live (but if you need, then it is another thing). But people are not enjoying working, easy to exhausting, or just feel that life is only on vacation, I think it is too cruel of living life. If can’t enjoy anytime, while you are working or enjoy your moment.
We do a lot about life energy that we start with focusing on this, the energy that drive you to live your life or do things, is about your ‘mood’ one thing in 4 things we need for life growth, if you feel like to do it, or you have fully of your inspiration for, that will indicate of how far you can go on grow your life. So that is the main reason that I should work on guide people so they can find their true life (self). To find the high value so they can feel inspiration, feel balance, relax, feel the high value, always develop their potential because it is fun to work and to always find progress.
Life should be what you choose to be winning (conquer) both personal and together we all move together to success for union as well. But as now the world is competition, with opposite direction, so people will feel opposite by the system and human mind that base on selfishness. You can’t be fulfilling and independence that way. I really think that we all need to learn the new system of learning.
natalee saying

I just bring some body quote because, anyone can understand, as we all are human, have the same system to be, to live, to learn to process and grow. We are the same.

We used to study system, which is wrong system of life growth for true grows. Even many of us learn spiritual but, you need to know the most effective one that I proved that the old system teaching on earth for now always miss something.

The new system that I offer is the most completes system, with different fields of knowledge that you use in view things. I don’t put our system that we provide in limit in a subject like on earth (this planet) there are subject for specialist like how to cut hair how to build a house, the furniture, or mathematic, medicine, cooking, massage, psychology or if you only know specialist in only one or two thing.

If you only learn one or a few skill that you have in doing or understand something, it is not enough for your complete life. If you can’t really bring them (knowledge in different fields, cover all parts of life) all together to fulfill your life, then it missed something always. So it should be network, that you can do many things, but if you are expert in something you will pass it on to others for that one, but with out others you still can make system or process of work run. For now many organization for example banks have one stop service, one man can do many things and they reduce to hire more employees, not the same to the past. That is the improvement example.
You see me I do many things not just be a yoga teacher, be a healer, be a spiritual guide or a translator. I take attendance to pilgrimage tours, I must prepare for tours or we can cook healthy food. I give counseling to support emotion and understand life in the level of conscious mind (there are energy level to raise up, to clean and increase your energy as well). I lead attendances to do spiritual cleansing so you can see through your life issues, understand whole things since your mind are clear.

As I experienced that I can’t just use yoga, or be a healer for example massage energy healing, then it will help people to improve, they will get true grow, I then integrate, need to bring all together. You can’t have just one component and completely grow (don’t miss anything). So I must close all the holes that could make it leak, so you are stable and only will move forward. So with fully attention of learning with us, you will be amaze that how come you go to that understanding and it is hardly to find from anywhere else. So I have 2 parts in my road map of this website

1st. Part of understanding life; find out your true self, who you are? And help you to find your purpose of life. Why it should be system that I provide, you may need to read in the site first, and then you understand why you need to join us.
2nd. Part Courses and activities, both offline and online, if you think that you understand most of the first part for yourself you might like to find out our courses straight away, but you need to understand some concept at lease Principles and What I mean balanced. Once you require any answer of your life, just jump to our course and as soon as you can, because we lead you to your answer of life here.  

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