Our master and her mission

Our master call Samathaanthip

Some time I just think it is only my opinion so I would call her my master, but sometime, it is our master because I m in the feeling that I m with other students of her that we work together in the mission of help all of us on earth. Actually I do the part of connect to human on earth who are normally have the point of view to see things on earth and think, base on normal people, in not purify their mind yet, and other student of our master do the spiritual part in get energy and message to you guy, and I help to get you to tune with that part.

with masterIt is hard for me to try to talk about our master. If you are emptier your mind you will find your own wisdom light much easier. At that time to talk about who is our master will be much easier, because is in represent the energy item, not the mass item like you and me. She might have the same, for human body, but the element of her soul, she is not made from the same element of all of us. It will be much better of you understand energy element, which we made from energy before we use
energy to build the mass body. In the level of energy mixed you build different life, different shave of your mind and your body, so it made your spirit is not look the same (if you can see your own spirit). So I think I should better explain you how can you know her by yourself, by connect with your true self deep you will be able to know that who actually she is not just by the biology of a human, I then think it is nothing special that you need to know at then. 

I work with the other student of our master in beginner level to connect you to the energy world (purification level). So you will learn by experience yourself.

In my understanding, this is just message for people who consider they are advanced student, they know and had learn a lot in meditation and they are spiritual, understand and use energy in life. As I met some advanced who like to just talk with our master straight away, please understand that our master need to connect to high energy to help the planet even just only parts that need to be healed. Which she should not disturb by negative energy from people who did not pass at least the first level of cleansing. So if you wish to join in to help save our planet and beings, which need our help (who deserve help). You need to pass the process of cleansing energy that we will prepare you to be ready. Once you are ready to have the better and powerful help and guidance from our master, you will learn with full potential within. Or you might bring unclean energy to block the great job for our planet, by you don’t realize that, but it is might just once you don’t like to do all you need to do to prepare yourself to learn for advanced, you may not really need to learn yet, until then.

If you just do what you need to do in your practicing for beginners, to be in the stage of not stop our master in her great work for all of us. I and Guang ti, the other student of our master who will give you the karma reading, she will just go straight to the reading, which I found that I must explain other things and help you in the level of you mind (your brain that still in the field of human mind, as you are a human who live in human society). The mind of the higher or the universe energy is not the same way that human mind will connect with. 

But if you need to be free from human mind prison to be independence you need to understand your human mind, by lift yourself up higher than human mind, so you will understand yourself, how the system of yourself work and do not work. It is just like to bring you up from yourself to the pure energy field is to make you see your own game of life. So you and learn how to be your own coach, not need other people to always coach you that is what the different to masters other places that I have seen and heard about.

If you think that you are now advanced level who don’t want to see us, as we are just our master students. I don’t know that if it is true or not, but I believe in the higher level arrange for you to see her straight away, once it is your right time, she will be available to see you. If you don’t like to pass through beginner level with us, but still the universe not open you the opportunity to see our master yet, then you need to follow the system of begin with us in the level of cleansing first. Many people who are not consider themselves advanced in spiritual learning they can just see our master, not that difficult. If you except to learn the way we think it is benefit for you the most then you will connect and get high benefit from our system, but if you still like to do the way you think it is the best for you. Then I think that you just follow that way, no need to learn and practice with us then.


We are not in the form of attractively decorated, it doesn’t look like your ideal for the surface form. But things that you need to prove by experience it you need to use your awareness perception to learn it. So you can understand the truth is not something similar to what human mind create for us, to create suffering and illusion for us.

I can just tell that our master came from high level of energy (consider by pure is high and impure is not high). So if you like to connect to your source you need to purify yourself anyway. But if you like to just build and connect with a lot of energy but it may in darkness and harmful, and don’t care in the true meaning or the true solution in your life, then it is your choice to walk in the way that you must realize the pain you have in you. Some people might have too big ego from attachment to something they would think it is right for them and can’t learn different thing to that. But if you like to learn something different to find how effective and how much it will work? Can do together with your own practice or not and how much, then they will find out deeper than what they have. I may talk more about advanced people from other methods here, as those people need help much more than most people who are not spiritual, as they could be fresh like baby, once they are ready to learn new thing –which is the right thing (may be not new), then their life can transform easier. And to just like to grow in the way we invite if you concern about the planet to be in balance, be inner growth so much to be in balance. This one if some people understand already just the don’t know the straight way yet, or what ever level.

 We can find out about your issues and will see that how long you need for the cleansing part, so you then later can learn for higher level with our master and by at time, you will be very ready, you will find that you are lucky to learn with our master, and of cause will slowly adjust you energy with our master, will know that actually who she is. Or you might be the fast learning one.

I can’t really tell that who she is, the level of your mind will know her in the memory (and may not connect with this message), but better to develop your mind which will help later once we say that, who she is? At that point your energy then can be able to read and see, it is true on not, so it is not really a point to tell you guide now, at the point that most of us won’t connect by energy communication in the level that you realize that who will support you? Or you have deep awareness that help to remind you about things always and it is reliable. I think at that point will are ready to know that who is our master, because your evil mind won’t be strong to give you illusion that you have too much doubt to learn things, I hope that you understand the way I explain, because it is not easy to explain things in part of energy to the brain, as brain and mind are still part of element.

About our master’s missions, I might can just tell that all mission that she does in the present is not what from her mind, or her thought, but they are command from higher conscious, that if you like to know more or contact to that you can work on yourself in the system that we provide, which by just my level you will understand yourself better for just to be a human that see your purpose of life clear, and have inspiration to move forward, and yes you can be more aware more brave and trust, just not yet to connect by communicate with the awaken mind, the one wholeness of universe. You can go further very fast if you past the level that I offering. Because the energy that come and help you to learn since you are complete ready is the high-speed universe system.