Pilgrimage of the life -tour in Thailand; trip to understand your life.

Pilgrimage of the life; A pilgrimage tour to increase energy of life, middle of Thailand, 7 days 6 night, (We fly to BKK and fly back)

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Find your purpose of life, learn to understand your life; to be able to create your life journey start with us in a pilgrimage tour in Thailand.

Pilgrimage travel to peace and to increase energy of life, practice and receive energy at holy places in Thailand.

Do you know what is purpose of your life? You create your journey of traveling (your vacation) but how about your journey of life? You may know some clue, but if it is not clear yet, or if you don’t know it yet. Let our pilgrimage tour, that you will be with your guide in traveling trip to the holy places we choose for you to visit is the places with energy.
And your guide of this pilgrimage tour is Shiny is your spiritual guide who will lead you to learn about energy within and out there.
I remember one thing that happened with a foreigner friend who had been traveling all over the world for many months:  after spending money on traveling, on getting back home she had to look for a job and was later unable to stay with her mother because she had problems with her, while her money run out.  It seems that the money she spent on traveling was of no help to her in dealing with life’s problems, in strengthening her mind or finding wisdom to living life. 
It then occurred to me to organize pilgrimage tours to help people with dealing with such issues. People spend money to go to visit many nice places, but would is it enough for just see these places? Or would you like to learn something about living life to make you feel stronger and wiser, so you won’t just feel too much hurt and too weak to face difficulties?
People must confront problems and difficult situations many times in life; it is not  a matter of having no more problems in living life. But on the pilgrimage tour you will learn and practice to understand yourself, to find your purpose of life while you go along on the journey in this pilgrimage tour.
In the morning, we will get ready to learn for spiritual growth, like practice for energy cleansing, and tune to higher energy to be able to receive energy from higher consciousness, that you may find understanding and respect for life. You will practice to set yourself ready to learn to with us every morning, and during the day a spiritual guide will facilitate your learning for that day. SAM_1374
That is to prepare for your focusing in learning in your life moment along your journey together in our small group. You need to program your mind by asking yourself what you would like to learn on this trip? If you wish to understand purpose of your life, then you can set it in your mind so your mind can find it’s way to find the answer for you while you are on the pilgrimage tour.
If you like to find out any answer that it is important for your life, maybe it is about how can you find inspiration, love, peace, wisdom or success within yourself to find balance and independence. I think that things around you will come along for you to learn that, you may need to find more and more question first as you need the answer before your number one question in your life. All of this I will let you practice and find out yourself; what I do is just to facilitate, as I find the way that I believe that it will help people for that. So you don’t just spend money and did not build any immune system for your life so it will be able to have more skill to confront and deal with problems.
Your guide “Shiny” is in the field of learning how to grow mind for almost 30 years, not the guide normal for places, but she is a spiritual guide, (if you find information in any tour agency, please make sure that it is not fake or copy, you must connect to me don’t get loss) It should be high benefit in to the open door of life, traveling make your journey of life that you can always learn to understand yourself and connect right with environment around you in stage of balance. We will visit holy place and some place in nature, it will have energy of nature that you can absorb, can charge your energy with real nature better, mother earth as well. Since you learn and practice to clean your mind, visiting holy places and with energy first. The program will be flexible like life is flexible; The programs will be flexible like life is flexible; The lists below are places that we will visit. We will have this trip 1-2 times very month.

Where we will visitwe will visit two mainly 2 Bodhisattvas, GuanYin and Luang pu Thuad Bodhisattvas, You can find out about how much energy and holy of this 2 main Bodhisattvas. I can show you places of saints, in Buddhism, which is the monk is Thai Buddhist monk Luang pu Thuad, but he is known as a Bodhisattva.


tham phrathaatjarentam Saraburi


G nakorn nayok_
G Nakorn nayok21.
GY Tek Nakornnayok

 Ganesh in Chachoengsao



GY Chach
Chach Chach2

World Sand Sculpture,

sand art3 Sand art5
Sand ku


GY samutsakorn


 Luang pu Thuad, Wat huay mongkol, Huahin
Luang pu thuad huahin4
Luang pu thuad huahin
Luang pu thuad huahin3 Luang pu thuad huahin2
Kt k huahin ku
Kao yoi pet ku
In Huahin, there are others famous places like the below picture (optional if you are interested) 
If we have more time we can visit tourist places in Huahin for example, floating market.  We can also stop by the beaches if you like, there are some known beaches. Since we will absorb energy from higher level first, before these places, it could help you to touch famous in that city, in different perception, (e.g. Huahin) by the time you will be in that city. That part is just tourist places like normal tours; you may see it with different eyes, or just to relax, for place like Thai style of shopping like river market, can be good relaxed for the most end of the trip.   HuaHin-Samphannam-Floatingmarket-20 HuaHin-Samphannam-Floatingmarket-06 Huahin Sampan ku

Phetchaburi. We will visit GuanYin Boddhisattva park, there are some nice beach call Cha-Am in Phetchaburi, may be be we have time to stay by the beach for a few hours.

 GY Ku GY ku2
GY ku3

Wat Tham Kao yoi Petchaburi,

tham kaoyoi4
tham kaoyoi 5
tham kao yoi pet5
tham kao yoi pet tham kao yoi pet2
tham kao yoi pet ku

Wat tham kaoluang Petchaburi 

Tham kao luang pet 1 Tham kao luang4
I might have time to visit Nakorn Pathom, but I am afraid not, as had so many places that look interested, and we have 7-8 provinces in the program, then it will be your choice to choose to visits, if we have enough time. We can visit all of them in 7 days, I think may be we can do only 7 provinces maximum. I believe that if you guys let yourselves connect to your deep energy you will know that, you should stay longer or should move forward?

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Pilgrimage of the life -tour in Thailand; trip to understand your life. middle of Thailand 13,400 bt. 7 days 6 night, (We fly to BKK and fly back)
Will be only prices until September, as later we will offer better accommodation like Thai tours, and this season will be for bag packers, include food and accommodation we have yoga and meditation in support each particular person style. Trips will happen 1-2 times a month please contact us to find out the date, for this price of consider back packagers, have to be the adventure style, if you like to stay in the nice hotel or more convenience style, please request and we will have to offer you different prices.
This is our price for flash backers, that we set earlier, still we tried to give you special deal.
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I (Shiny) will be your guide and this is my idea of activities in the tour trip, if you find my information in any travel agency, please make sure by contact me to prepare yourself, if it is the right one from me, not by other tour company, if you find the imitation, they won’t guide and arrange the way I present because they don’t know how, from just imitation the places to visit, they can’t make the same of my concept.  What you need to do so you can be prepared for this pilgrimage tour.