Pilgrimage tour: find our your inner energy & from holy places we visit.

Pilgrimage of the life, Pilgrimage tour: find our your inner energy & from holy places we visit.

Let’s make your holiday meaningful, in the same time of your joyful vacation, you can learn and make true security of life, make life meaningful. 

Pilgrimage tour packages of to work on yourself and connect with your powerful energy of life within, and connect to receive peace and holy energy out there.

If you feel of your peaceful mind, you will enjoy more in your vacation and can use what you learn for how to do this in this time to your life at your work and at home with your family. So you can share blissful love to your family and to people you love. Don’t waste your time and opportunity; learn to build your blissful living life and share to all who deserve. Call me a.s.a.p. Once you are sure that you should not miss this because you need to book a week in advanced.

1st. Pilgrimage tour packages ChiangRai and ChiangMai -North of Thailand, 4 days 3 night.

Click  for 2nd. pilgrimage of the life -tour in Thailand; trip to understand your life. middle of Thailand, 7 days 6 night, (We fly to BKK and fly back)

Have you ever think about why you are here on earth? What is the destination of your life journey?

Have you ever struggling in life? If yes, let’s give some of your spare time on your vacation time on learning so you can find easier answer of your entire life sustainable solution? If you would like to make your holidays time worth or learn how to overcome obstacle, somebody say to me that love is the only answer, She is a very nice person, very open minded. Do you agree with it? But before thinking about what is the answer, let make clear that what is the question first. Do you have questions in your life?
Let us help you to find your answers; I find powerful methods, techniques that help you to find all of the answer in your life. If you are sure that you deserve the answer.
If you have a chance to learn about how to…for the following things such as to heal your mind, to heal your heart, to heal your life, to heal yourself, healing journey, to be peace, to be calm, to be wise, to balance your life, to share your love, to be independence and so on. Let find more information in my website about workshops, courses, and activities that I organize, which all of that will be tools for you to learn and understand yourself, understand the whole situation so you can get rid of fear and fulfilled with love and light. Life growth is something your will always find during living your life or your journey, you will be able to learn and strengthen your mind better while you are relax, not while most can’t relax since they work at home, but you will be train to be able to relax and find balance for any situations in the future.
If you are at your work, I may help you to relax, by not depend on looking for finish the day and to for entertain later, but to enjoy while you are working, and while you are on your travelling, on vacation while not gain benefit of learn to find how can you work to be able to relax while you are at work or in any situations. This condition of a tourist you will learn better on your trip. If you cannot control by go to too much rest (extremely have fun, and not care for your future, then you will just long for this later once you are not on holiday). So let’s make your holiday meaningful with us. Make your time and your money worth, as not just for now, but for later. To balance your mind, may be you need to learn and work, but it is not as hard as to go trekking tours or adventure tours, that might take you a lot of energy to talk to the jungle hill or to feel exciting, with out understand your system of awareness mind, mindfulness or awaken mind, not thing to help you to administrate your life to be balance with those game, or those journey if you don’t do your own work since you are already learnt how.
One of our activities for learning and practicing to be fulfilled (and for answers of your life) is pilgrimage tour; we have many pilgrimage tour packages that you can choose. You would like to visit nice place in Thailand anyway in your travelling, why don’t spend your time to find your inner growth, to understand your life and balance your mind in your journey to peacein the same time. And all those I just talk about in spiritual growth, it is just because it is about the mind, once our minds are strong it can direct our lives better.
Once you just balance your life, then you will find that you have a lot to share to the world. And that will bring you true life energy that support you, holy love power, feeling save and feeling trust and connect with your god. 
As we are from the same source, no matter what country your are from, religion or nation you are, the source, that someone say to me that is love, and she said love is the only answer.
You might need to find the first, second, third, and so on… till you find the last answer that you might connect with the source or unconditional love. Let us in the some journey to process growth together, in our pilgrimage tour. It is something you really need to find it yourself, however, once you have a good guide, it could save a lot of time (for some people spend lifetime without a good guide, you can also easy getting lose).
Touch the way of working on yourself in the eastern style, deeply in short days, understand varieties style of practice in Buddhist temples by practice to leave yourself beyond all religions, we do not judge any, just observe and practice in your own cleansing and development style that you got guidance in the first day, because we understand that all religions try to help people in their own way, may be have good and bad point. If you understand that you will just pick the good one and not attach in any religions so then you will be free from attachment and will be independence, once you work on yourself in this style that is to be wise beyond wisdom. If you can manage your life with this you will be easily in peace, and in what I mentioned, that you wish all stage of mind that move forward to true security, or true happiness that your mind will focus on your practicing and learn in in touch with your purified energy so you can understand and connect with the holy energy out there in the place we visit.
Check it out quick on my site, as it is unique, you won’t find anything like this in retreat centre, as it won’t be together with your real living life, you just have routine in what to do in the day, not confront with life living on your journey of learning. We will be in a small group like you go camping or picnic with your friends group, so you will be take care and support to learn in each person particular issue. Please call or email for more information.
There is special pricesin this occasion of starting this program. You can compare to tour for Thai people in Thai tour website, it is double price of this.
So for this pilgrimage tour packages ChiangRai and ChiangMai -North of Thailand only 6,600 bt. 4 days 3 night,
Pilgrimage of the life -tour in Thailand; trip to understand your life. middle of Thailand 13,400 bt. 7 days 6 night, (We fly to BKK and fly back)
Will be only prices until September, as later we will offer better accommodation like Thai tours, and this season will be for bag packers, include food and accommodation we have yoga and meditation in support each particular person style. Trip will happen 1-2 times a month please contact us to find out the date, for this price of consider back packagers, have to be the adventure style, if you like to stay in the nice hotel or more convenience style, please request and we will have to offer you different prices. 

This is our price for flash backers, that we set earlier, still we tried to give you special deal.

Price tour picture
See price compression with tour for Thai group tour.
Price compared
I (Shiny) will be your guide and this is my idea of activities in the tour trip, if you find my information in any travel agency, please make sure by contact me to prepare yourself, if it is the right one from me, not by other tour company, if you find the imitation, they won’t guide and arrange the way I present because they don’t know how, from just imitation the places to visit, they can’t make the same of my concept.  What you need to do so you can be prepared for this pilgrimage tour.