Principles of true grow to the light that will give your life answers.

Principles of true grow to the light, that will give you all answers of your life.

Since our principles are direct and complete process for you to be healthy mind and body, to increase awareness, peace, energy and light love for true grow to the light, so then it leads your mental and physical health and all other things. We should have principles of fame work, so it can direct you to your true purpose of life. What we guide in each particular person is not the same methods –way to emphasize, according to individual issues, but it is the same concept and purpose aligns with the universe truth.
One thing very important that, I try to do here is to help you to understand the reasons why you need to work on these or those methods. Therefor to be joyful in work on things (your work in your life and work on yourself.
People might have different problems for the stories or detail but we don’t separate different between emotions, you might feel conflict, frustration or upset in things, you may feel sad or aggressive. But or of these are in emotions level (black or white; good or bad in your opinion). I mean stories contents and detail could keep go around in your brain. It give you unstable mind for emotions after may be different stories or details, it cause your mind vary or not stable for all of those drama that you may sink it. So I don’t separate between different stories of drama. There are also levels of energy or spiritual that mix in the stories and this is the result of your confusing or any kind of struggling. You need to focus on to be clear mind and have strength mind first to be able to see things clearly for right solution or good healing if you need.
So if you see the different of stage of mind and you see the point that you have to have stable mind first, then we and start from here. You can lift to higher stage of mind if you do the right work on yourself. You may have try, I suggest you to try with go back to emptiness first or empty your mind first. And you need to stay empty for long enough to use your mind or your brain while it is at the right condition so it work without bias, and you understand the truth which you then will work on the right point. So for the stage of mind that we can develop up or claim up to higher or to law it down is I would say it is different levels. That is what you can work on to your true life development for the first step.
From above you will see that there are 2 parts at least. To see it obvious there are part of physical or body and the mind or spiritual part. In English normally words are not so clear in term of spiritual. So I will explain a bit clearer here. First part is about material and the second part about energy, which in a life you have physical body and mind or energy that drives a body, is it the mind? Energy within that drive your life to go to the light or go to darkness, what is it? Some people said it is the mind and the mind mean thought, which thought might don’t drive people to fail, to get drunk and have accidents, to cause hurts and deaths.
I will try to help you to be clear here so you then understand the principle of true grow of life better. 

The second car, the guy still use this mind to focus on driving, he focus on look at a woman, but just his action of the body is drive, the mind stop this job of driving for a minute, then it happen.

I would say that mind mean thought to, can be good or bad and it has energy, which is part of life that least your life, and there is another part is the part of physical body. You need to understand both of them. If it is about your brain can understand, or it base on logical that run by human mind that involve with your brain because you have basic 5 perceptions and your brain will run base on logical. I would consider it is material component.
But if it is about your stage of mind that could be still, stable, or with energy so that you feel trust or you are in balanced stage, or if you are out of balanced then it might from feeling up or down, too much stress so you might have low energy. Energy like this could effect from minds emotions and body conditions, But it is the part of energy not material like above, which may involve with mind that not about thought that you can see or feel of the thought, you may can’t aware about some of your minds, your higher and lower mind also give your different energy. As there are your higher self and lower self that you might not aware by your brain.
10-sad-peopleTherefore there are 2 things together here. That if you life to grow your life you need to understand both. For energy part, if your are in the positive side like you are happy because of something make you excite and have high energy, you still are not in balanced because with out situation that you are exciting about, then you would feel down. So to be independence should came from your stable mind that you understand all things clear that while you feel trust Winning young manand calm, you would keep continue forward but not extremely up or down depend on outer things, but it should come from your deep true self that you connect with. We will facilitate you to that stage because then you will always find your inner wisdom to find sustainable solutions.
To different people we will start with different ways, as they are different levels. In the level of energy knowledge, which will cause people to feel different and base on different emotions. And to learn to understand emotions, mechanism oflife, find out your life conflict, conflict cycle or what problems that you keep run in to it, you might need to find causes and conditions in psychology supporting. Then might be what you need stableso you will be able to increase your life energy to be able to learn that, and before the increasing inner energy, you need to clear negative energy that you have from the effect of the problems or from collected any time in life.
And for imbalance by conditions of living life not what I mention above we all basically need energy of trust or the energy that support you to feel stable stay balanced first so you then can find solutions for the next step. For example you have some physical problem or oiliness, and the cause it about food, you need to have energy of love for yourself and all being on earth as well as the earth. You need to have this energy to drive you to learn about healthy food and make your action of change to the right diet.
Other principles to promote you to true grow like good exercise and good air, you also need the energy of love, so you love to make it better, you love to change, it need to be wise love.So all factors to make your life completely grow, be in balance, stable and relax stage, so it can constantly grow and smoothly that I suggest here is what you need to use to direct yourself in this frame to be stable personbalanced and keep on growing.
I will support different ways; emphasize different things in each individually, according to their issues, that why for the level for material (brain level of working) I would have courses like counseling. This level is in psychology field (mainly online as it take time and people are not always in Chiang Mai for offline course). And for spiritual or energy cleansing and growing (both online and offline), is for stage of stable energy of your life. You all need energy of life, which is trust energy to have you feel all right, which whatever problem you have. So you have confidence to move on learning and work on it. That is what we will start with but different emphasize for the length and details. But we all need to feel stable some frequency of energy will help you to feel trust and you will be relax, your mind will be strong, which you need to work on it in the courses.
Do you understand what is going on with your life enough? To get your mind clear you need to start with negative energy cleansing. That is some thing counseling method doesn’t have for you. But we have much more than that in the energy level I have mentioned.
Many of us have not much energy to live their life or to do any thing they with to focus on. You need to understand the whole system and mechanism of yourself; how it form up to be you? So you will find your effective ways of healing and sustainable solutions. It is only you who will do the main work to make it constant progress.
Some people lack of energy to take care take care of their own food or exercise, so you may need to learn in the course that with exercise and healthy food. We will have all of these four principles basically of structure that we cover,

1st good food (healthy organic food),

2nd good mood, 

3rd good air and

4th good exercise.

Each courses or activities packet that I organize emphasize different according to individual person.
Even though some people might like to do yoga, Yoga that I guide or instruct here is different in order to bring you to balance and keep on true grow to love light, you would need to understand energy level so you will have energy to continue do your work, not like just know by your brain that what is good and can’t force themselves to do it, and to know what is bad but can’t stop doing it.
That is what you only know by your brain. Or some people might not try yoga yet, I will introduce to you, once I find out that it must support your issues, to help you to learn. All of solution or healing that you learn and practice with us, you must learn to the level that you will increate energy of loving to work on it, or love to do it. If you just know and still feel lazy to do, what you are sure that it is good, then you don’t have the knowledge in energy level that I explain yet. If it is like that you can’t lead yourself to true grow or have any life transformation. You might feel great at anytime you do your good work, but won’t have discipline to make in happen in this lifetime. If you don’t focus on learning and practicing enough until you are enlightened to the point of energy level that I mentioned this page. It should be at least you understand all through your whole life cover all issues, all factors deep and wide enough. Because this is about yourself, why don’t you would learn and have true understanding about it then.
There are many things you know that it is good or bad for you but many people can’t bring good things and avoid bad things for themselves, so with energy that we learn you will learn how to build your inspiration. Then you will take yourself to the right places with good energy and good air or other kind of good, but this is the frame that help for life cover things so that you can be balanced and move forward. If you are clear that you like to move to true grow to the light that we will provide course supporting you to find the system that will give all your life answers.
Find out more about our concept of the emphasize on self or mind understanding (click) until obtain your inner growth, because you will create highest energy the more you work on it (as you do by clear out darkness energy that cover around you to find your deepest inside or your true self which is deep in you), the better choices you will bring to your self for food, air and exercise that we base on, as well as other things in your life.


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