Self understanding; find out your true self & your purpose of life.

The part of self or mind understanding or mind development until obtain your inner growth.

Normally of a life, since we all born, if we are true life, we must grow, if you understand the rule of living life or life mechanism. You will choose to grow and you will choose to conquer everything and the only way is start to conquer yourself, if you can’t do it yet you will work on by learning and practicing until you really know how and you will be able to do it. Actually if you choose to live your life it is only choice you have and you will do your best. Because if not then it will be deteriorate from life, it will go opposite direction then, so would it be death then?
You might see that you and others, everyone had made mistake, it is ok, to made mistake but it is not ok to not learn from mistake and improve. Life need to do things to live it self, but how you do things, with your understand, feel full of trust, relax and let it flow or not?
One thing about life is, if it is real life it will always learn to live better, for healthy both body and mind, to be complete in thing it need to living life, it might not need too much, but it need just right enough, so then it will be perfect.

In Thai we have a Thai word “por dee” it mean good enough, which is mean it is just be at the right point to be good enough, not too much and not too less, so in English is should mean perfect then. The order of Thai word is backward to English because ‘por’ mean enough and ‘dee’ mean good, so the way of Thai though is it is enough to be good, so we order that way I guess.
This is an important word, because it mean balanced, if you life is at the balance point, it is extremely in something, to sad to exiting, life won’t learn and work grow properly in stable, effective and be sustainable life, that is should be in true security. While we miss the balanced point, it could be in dangerous. We all need to be mindful or careful about it.
In this website by the name of life meaning, it pick life to find meaning not death, so in our view life is about growing, that is the function of living life. It will only grow, not blight or death. We all are lives, and if you like to mean in the same way to me, which is to learn and grow in challenging and fun or joyful. If it live by not have fun, because of distraction of life for example to be stress, to be frustration, upset, sad or anything unpleased.
If you had in your mind for life growth, should be about it live in quality by have good condition of living, for example it should succeed in material and social status. I think it should be ok, if you consider those conditions for life growth, if you can still find inner balanced. But just because if you use those condition to be conditions of successful but you still not find peaceful mind or don’t feel trust because of you find stable mind, as the energy of being balanced support you or not?
If it is not yet balanced, it made you are not full and still keep on, you can see that if you still carry on that way, you still never feeling that you are full or in Thai word ‘por dee’ the point of enough to be right, to be ok, not to much and not too less is the best or the perfect point. The feeling of trust and faith to yourself, should be there if you are true successful by the way. And if you have anything even more than physical body need, way too much more than you need. But still have the feeling lacking of many things inside, so you still feel hunger inside your mind. That is the reason why I emphasize to grow the inner conditions first. Once you find your inner growth in life, you will know the right point of the physical need and the material part, so you will manage to live your life in balanced, as the mind has wisdom, it know what to do to make it in peace and in true happiness. It will act and react or response to the world properly. And won’t cause itself, the society and the world to be imbalanced.
There for you will learn to find the state of inner stable, your inner light first. If your energy inside of you is strong your mental health is good then your body health is will be just simply good. Here we guide you to find and be your true self, and since that you will be train to know who you are, in truthfulness.
I find it must be the certain way that direct to the truth of all, for methods or system of learning to find your self the true knowledge, which is you need to know yourself enough if you know the meaning of your life enough, you won’t go to wrong, for the meaning of life in the right to what life is? 
It is really what you don’t use to for the practical work, because it will allow you to reach your inner wisdom fast, and since you will know what to do with life, if you focus on learning with us, our system support you to learn the true knowledge, it is not what system of education on our earth can’t really provide you this way. And even though you have leant from many accurate places before so you are now advanced not beginner. You may are already a healer, but still if you want to learn and use our techniques you need to start from beginning.

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In the part of choices in life we will talk more about self or mind understanding, as you have a choice to understand your life and all things.

And you have a choice to ignore to learn to live your life as well. So I think it should be better to start again from there so you might feel that it is clearer.

Choices in life; Need the best choices need to understand that you always have choices