Spiritual cleansing (reading) One-day workshop

Spiritual cleansing actually it should be learning of mind cleansing or energy cleansing for the right saying but shortly is ‘One-day workshop’, it’s developing from the only karma reading  (learn spiritual cleansing), that I was only just take foreigners there and I was just translate. Now this must have the whole day, because people need to understand enough, so people see the whole concept once they have enough time to learn and practice.

To understand by feel deep in energy level is what people need as well as the part of understanding by brain. I know that people can experience nice energy in the day, I must develop other choices courses and workshop for the reason that you will find in it’s page to help people you have strong mind or strong focus for inner growth. If you don’t have much time in Chiang Mai you can attend this counseling online. Find more about Spiritual cleansing workshop online and How to understand yourself counseling online You can do Online, by Skype (and off line please see on the itinerary below), which might take you amount of time like off line, you can brake and carry on the day after, because to be in front of the computer for too long might now good for many people to learn. I will lead you how to practice the same like off line, normally it is not to difficult but most people need me to show how, as not quite sure.


9:30 am

Meet at our meeting point- see Contact us, or depend on you and your group convenient, make trip to the centre.


No initial spiritual guidance before

Initialspiritual guidance before




11:20 am.




12 am.



13 pm.



14 pm.



 15 pm.



Spiritual guidance for real healing and develop to reach your life purpose (session above)  

Should have enough time for Karma reading before lunch, then karma reading


Lunch brake.



Karma Reading (if can not do before lunch)


Continue with guidance or practice follows the guidance you received.


Review of the day.


 Back to city

 Karma Reading   



Practice follows the guidance you received. (or lunch first)  






Continue practice and yoga practice for healing session. 





Review of the day.


Back to city

This schedule is flexible; depend on each person need different length of times in different contents according to peoples background or questions. For concept information you might need  not long time with me before karma reading but after, for help you to understand through the whole concept and be able to use it in your work effective as it right understands.

Yoga course is recommend other the workshop, or other activities or courseit will help you understand more in practicing in the same time of your living live, for awareness and promote your wisdom in living life and learning- also work on yourself in the same time, to feel relax in the same time that you work on anything. Price included lunch (vegetarian) and transportation 1 day bicycle rent for you. If you don’t want to cycle there, taxi or other kind of transportation can be arranged (with extra price for different transportation, we support natural exercise together in normal activities of life by our natural holistic practicing).

Fee for the workshop is 1,500 bt. Please contact Shiny to book or for more information, All please have a look in the next workshop so you can think that you would like to do the Two day or not. Spiritual cleansing Two days workshop.