Spiritual cleansing Two-day workshop

For this Two-day workshop (spiritual cleansing), we will follow the first Spiritual cleansing One-day workshop, in the first day. And if you feel like to do more practicing for deeper cleansing. You can sign up for the Two-day spiritual cleansing workshop straight away. I will arrange this 2nd day different for each particular person, as some people want more information for the level of consciousness (conscious or the mind your thought your understanding by brain) and some need to go more in practicing in deep energy cleansing level. 

You will do the practicing by may be chanting, or meditation or what ever you need to do for how follow the guidance that you will receive in the first day anyway but if you have some activities that you think that your life use to do that or familiar with we will use that activities for practicing and do the mind practicing in the same time. So you will do something like meditate in the same time with the activities.

We said meditate always or meditate while you are working, but in Thai meditation is the same meaning to concentration. So you practicing meditation by focus be aware, not be in busy mind.

The meditation that we want it to be with your living life and you can learn always, for Thai we said meditation, but in English you might use different words and so many words like still mind be aware in the present moment. But will focus on the present moment by we practice concentrate mind in our work or what ever we do.

Normally you will do the same way of concentrate mind practicing method, but according to particular person, we all have different issues, so how and when to practice things are not the same.

I will follow each person need, may be not what you like but you need to do that, to be able to help you to reveal yourself your true self. If you don’t mind about to do what you don’t like for activities, as it let you express something deep to come out, so we and help you to clear them up.

But if you mind about must do with you like to do only, may be you won’t find the high benefit, but then it might not your right time to face anything and don’t get impact yet like that. So you might do just anything between like and dislike, like anything in the middle feeling, not positive or negative.

If you do things positive, you are hardly to practice awareness, because you will consume the feeling that you like it until you forget to watch or to see yourself.

I will let you should activities like main thing of your practicing follow that message from high above that you received at the first day fully with that or you may need other brake like to cycling together, which you meditate in our meaning in the same time. We go to some place that nice to visit with nature near the city, or if you like to go to a small temple with a small waterfall that have good energy support practicing. But with that you need to go by motorbike, at least not the bicycle.


You might choose to work on the yard, the earth or sail to grow organic vegetable in the centre, this then help your nature to come out (your hidden natural inside of you)to come out so much because during working, you learn you relate to the earth (mother earth) I find that as it connect with your deep nature so something will come up for you to guide you while you are working. You may find question that we will help you to find the answer. If you have the chance to work with our master, you will get direct answer right away. But all of these also about if it is your right time to learn. Your nature system might like you will need to work on receive knowledge by working. Or you may find question first and try to answer yourself, if you really have strong and clear question come up, I might can help you all or some of that, and you will get the answer from our master later, if your don’t feel understand enough from that time.

This video, about how I learn and practice to use power of my in one part, I try to look for this example so I can explain about if you think like human mind you will let yourself in pain because it is so much painful. But if I made mistake from use human mind, and I have some one there you understand about energy for healing in my mind, she will change mind my to heal myself straight away.

Then I won’t be the victim of painful from my body.

The example situation is from working,

I show you that my master let me work in what I never do before, but this work connect to nature, so you can think that how can you do? You can use your wisdom, once your mind is still, or you can just think normal, you can use human mind, which I said normally it’s lead you to mistake.

From this video, I explain what I learn from work with nature, like on the earth, with the tree, with the ground, plant some plants or make the roof to make the shade.

My experience in life, from work for example in this video


If you listen from the minute of 22nd to the minute of 1:03 that is the situation I had explain from this video. 

I m sorry I can’t really edit this part for this topic yet, and will try to practice in the way I explain in make in shorter and clearer, later.

Another way in practicing of meditate with activities is you can do yoga by the time of practice your mind (meditation), yoga from what I lead is not the same to what you find every where as it consider in spiritual growth. Find out about yoga with me.

So if you do thing with your natural living life, this will bring up your natural self or issues, as all these connect with our mind and from there is to tell us and yourself of fear, or what ever, we then will guide you from there. This is the different that I find out from my master, she will not lead by give you the way to do thing like courses of meditation for everyone, or the same way of practicing for everyone, unless it is allow by message from universe. If you do group spiritual growth class like that not always students will do the same practice. And if you find that you see, hear, or feel different things, you will be lead by that to do different practice, so you will get different guidance anyway. So there is no course setting, for everyone as will are individual.

But most who came to spiritual reading are not ready for meditate (of sitting and close you eyes), you will need to do cleansing first. Because if you don’t clean, then there are some negative thought or feeling come up to disturb you, then it is not point if you are just with your busy mind not you are in the still mind learning things from your inner self. Or some people get disturb by just sleepy and they will sleep instead of meditate, so it is not point to meditate if it is like that.

activies meditate

You can meditate with many style, the sitting and close your eyes might not work, according to personal issues.

I myself use to meditate (I mean meditate by most people understand – to sit and close their eye) by not enough foundation since I was not learning at this centre yet, it doesn’t matter if many times the meditation was great. As if I don’t do the part of cleansing good enough, I will have not good meditation and bad meditation, like up and down anyway. So it will be better if I just do complete my cleansing and make sure for the strong mind ready for just to go forward in meditation then it is time for me to meditate (by sitting and close your eyes).

I found so many people do meditate while don’t create ultimate strong foundation so only imagine that the transform their life, but from the step by step follow individual person practice different I find that there life can transformed much fast and so obvious.

That why I want to use natural activities lead the mind of aware, concentrate and create wisdom.

To attend this workshop will will talk before, in the first time that we meet or contact, so you then pick what style of practicing, you can join the One day workshop first but if you said at first that you will attend the Two-day, I think it is better in setting mind for understand that what you need clearly at first so you will focus to learn and practicing for 2 days, but since you yet your mind that you wish to learn for how much for your target, I believe that then you will learn better since.

Fee for the wordshop is 2,600 bt. If you done the first day can minus 1,500 bt. Since you paid for that.