Spiritual cleansing begin with spiritual reading or karma reading

Spiritual cleansing that we introduce you to begin with spiritual reading or karma reading, the unique why and high effect, that you can’t miss to attend, the experience of this spiritual practice the guide you the knowledge for your brain to understand (or by information) and your insight knowledge in starting of cleansing in energy level, will be complete briefly in a day on ‘Heal yourself one day workshop which this spiritual reading will be part of the workshop, which will be the main high light.

The day of starting in for the right energy healing for anyone who need to learn healing energy, and to experience true energy healing as well, I just find that most teaching in healing energy out there, had been missing the very important part, find more about energy cleansing with us in our self healing workshop and of course with this spiritual cleansing, then you will understand.

If you understand the nature rules, law of karma or cause and effect, what we have done in the past effect to present and what you do now will effect to the future. Which it must be at the right point of certain thing, like if you plant seeds, it will grow but depend on time and if the plant get enough fertilizer (nutrition) and other conditions supporting. So with all things are the same rule, if you plant the seed of anger in someone in form of hurt that one, with the factors around that support the anger, at the right time and the right point it grow. It is same to love and all things.
From above, now do you see? that is the law of karma. You might built positive energy and negative energy some how in your past present and past life, with your willing or not. As we all are not always wise, we have times that we are dump, and the action is call ‘karma’, those karma (causes) can effect your life now. If you had spread the seeds of thorn in your yard, and now the paint of thorn is very tall, small or big area in your yard of life, now if you can’t see but it is there. The energy thorn in spiritual world you might not see with your mass eyes, but if there are there, there are there you need to clean this energy up, so your life and move forward easier.
The energy block or karma block is just like an invisible thorn, our karma reading are not emphasize to give you story of who you were and what you have done in the past but for guide you how can you do now to clean up or to remove those thorn, I talk about. As it would be no point to know what you have done in the past, who you relate with like a novel story. The point is it must be some or a lot of bad karma, that create the energy blocks. If you find that there are block or obstruct on your journey of life, in family, in work, in relationship or friendship or in your journey of life growth.
You need to clear them up, or this is how can you do for the cleansing this is the point, so you then start to do something now in the present moment. With the beacon that we didn’t know before, the reader will connect to high consciouses above, that is channeling, from just right at that moment and give the message to guide you (that is just for you). So you will use it to practice in your cleansing level (this level I mentioned or fundamental level). And it will be deeper cleansing if you keep carry on to the work by use the guidance that you will receive from karma reading plus the guidance that you will receive by yourself later since you will be clean enough to be able to connect to high above (your guide) later on.
The karma reading will just guide you to release the big main blocks, once you practice follow the guidance. If you are serious use your methods it will take you to the point that you connect to your guide for your higher lesson of life, which will be much smaller, since you have cleared the main block that block you from your guide and your natural wisdom within.