The different in the system of methods that I introduce you to learn and most of what I had been through.

The different in the system of methods that I introduce you and most of what I had been through

We step out of religions, if you understand about religions separate we all from one love, unconditional love, and we still respect all of prophets that lead us to one, back to our home original we from the same source.

We may use level of minds in Buddhism to explain so you know about how come we move our mind to higher state of purification (but not traditional believe that add by human mind and mess by human mind -as you will understand soon or later that human mind can be insert by evil because we don’t use the deep cleansing inner self in energy level enough or we don’t use good enough system). I have offer the great powerful cleansing system in my workshop and counseling online courses.

I don’t find the name of level of minds like we explain here in Theravada Buddhism (in Thailand, Myanmar and Srilanka)

The cleansing system that we need to use everyday in our living life, like you will see in level of your minds and brain need to understand both to be balance and you know what you are doing by your brian (your conscious mind) as well, not just by feeling the energy, that you feel of the light and clear relax energy once you practice or get from karma reading or get from energy giving from our master. So I must have many kind of workshops, courses and activities so it can go back to deep inside your mind, where is your level of minds base on to help you to release what keep you there and bring you up to connect to the high consciouses, So that will allow you to tune with higher energy (purer, the more you purify your mind the more you will make the tune and experience the truth, feel or the stronger energy that you base on so you can feel strong trust release your fear and have strong mind to do positive thing that benefits our earth )

Once you feel connect with higher energy from your higher self or from higher conscious, you will have your intuition stronger, then will come in the from of voice messages, strong feeling inside you tell you to do, direct to something, or come in the forms of picture or video depend, and that will be from your inner eyes, not the mass eyes.

Once you connect to your true self you will tend to connect to the universe, but I emphasize the pure energy of universe not the darkness parts that there are many places that lead you that way, and give people illusion to believe in what they like, but actually you are still feel heavy from attachment, illusion, greedy, and fear. Fear come from illusion not wisdom, and not pure mind, if you keep practice in our guidance, system of cleansing that I offer you the workshops and course to learn you will find that you can release fear, since you can release negative energy.

Courses in my levels (not from my master, those are advanced courses), that I offer for beginners which if you pass it by you work on it (from the guidance that you get from the reading) until the right point. Is just all of the tricks that I find out that you get deep understand yourself in the mind (conscious) levels to stimulate you keep continue practicing (from your spiritual reading in the first day). As if I don’t do these kind of supporting your to understand deeply you then don’t use the methods we connect you to the message from higher conscious, then you won’t go progress and still get influent by your human mind bring all kind of thought and story in mind to harm you, as you still attach to many things. I understand many ways of block that you could get in your life, because I learn through so many circumstance of blocking me to my progress. So I try to help you to overcome those block situations in life and just continue to use the methods that you get guidance from spiritual reading.

My level still connect to you as you are human, I use system of human mind plus energy (higher levels) to try to let you understand all things in your life and release your block that you then keep excuse to not practice like all of human mind try to do and not aware about it. Human mind can give illusion that you think that you are enlighten even, so make people get loss to that level, and still keep lie themselves and others, teach others, establish the famous retreat center. A lot of people go there and can stay under the black power of mind, which could trick people in any levels, like in Thailand there are a lot of people who are on the murder and dictator side.


Today I just heard in the news that the monk who lead of the mob that don’t want election said that their guards must be cruel since they protect protesters. Would you believe that even the both of them almost die and she was abortion of her 7 months pregnant but the news in English I found only repost like this link, so make it not look that bad. But this is normal of illusion minds; they can do anything to not give the truth messages for themselves and others. From situations like this news

There are a lot of situations like this always; this is just a very small example, as there is a monk in the uniform (might not true monk inside the form). People believe in what they see on the surface, but I introduce you to understand your mind, which had been always influent by trick that the society gave and situation like this is always happens in human minds. If you practice until you can connect to wisdom of universe you will understand through things by the truth and be independence from negative emotion from your weak mind and attachment, and will understand the whole situations and see through whole things, which for help to balance the society and the planet as well.

P.S, this is as much as I can write for now and will update later, as I try to find the way to explain better, and there are a lot that I can’t talk about in here. Only to uses the system I offer through life living and learning in the same time until you see your clear purpose of life, or to achieve your life purpose seriously, then you will see the whole concept of different with your outer and deep inner eyes, wisdom from your deep true self.