Understand mechanism of life, your life and happiness, to be happier.

Learn mechanism of life, understand you life,understand happiness and understand mechanism of evolution, to be happier.

To understand life or understand being mechanism natural is needed, if you wish to be happier. And if you really need to find true happiness, then you really need to learn and work on yourself properly. 

We will help facilitate with the powerful and high speed system.

You can find out our course straight away,then you will be progress fast as you know that you need it fast, from now, and if it is not the right time for you to attend our courses or workshop, you can keep on finding information to understand, you should find that the way I provide, is make sense in all levels, to search more to understand the truth and your inner self, in my website, but I only recommend once your mind is calm, clear, stable and be in balanced enough, other wise it will confuse you anyway, because you are confuse inside. You then need to clear your mind find, we guide and help you with this workshop, for the first of all (for both offline and online).

To find true happiness you may need to keep on working. But if you are ok, to find just happiness from go to parties, see concerns, or anything of entertainment. You and find through those things that life can always bring it for you then you don’t need to learn the one I try to offer course and facilitate.

If the only temporary things are good enough you don’t need sustainable solution and true healing, some people feel that healing methods that they find many places work, but may be it is not true, because it come back sometime later either short or long time.
If you understand the truth about evolutions, it needs to have problems, so people must fix the problem. If you eat wrong food, the body needs to let you know about that it will have problem (symptoms), so you have to fix it, or give the treatment to take care your body, and may be you need to heal if it hurt for long time for any causes of problems. If body has problems it needs to works by send the feeling so you protect so you learn and prevent situations to bring problems like that. So problems give the first process of development.
And normally life has problems if you can find solution for it, then you grow, this is true growing. But many of us don’t like problem and don’t have any willing mind to learn to find solution so you grow. If you don’t want to grow, how come it is life? It is not then, so what it is? It will be fantasy dream or illusion. You see that everyone need to work something to get something, a bird need to fry from its nest to get food for it self and its baby. I can see that many Thai people they dream to no need to work but can live comfortable life. I saw a rich guy can do that, he have money from his family, his family is rich, but the problems are still there, he still can’t find happiness. 

What is success in your meaning? Most of Thai would think that if they are rich, don’t need to work but find comfortable life, can buy anything they like, can go anyway they want.

3 guys

This people are success in their lives, aren’t them? Do you think and wish successful like them, in term of financials, famous, and they might have life in the way they want.

You can make better choices by find your true self and learn being mechanism.

If you really wish to find out the truth not just philosophy as “philosophy” can refer to “the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group”.

I must recommend you to give high of your attention and deeply, your mind should be stable and still, if it is not our methods can help to support you, just follow to work on it. And you might need to find your purpose of life a long working on yourself with us. But if it is too delicate you might start to learn something simple naturally base on.
The idea for how you learn will be introduce only us much as we can do it this site, by information from any book or listen to any talk, it won’t work for find the truth in the whole system, so you have true understanding, it is just like you hear someone talk on the phone or write to you and you never feel love energy, from true connection to your heart, but only words you can reading and hearing. I only recommend one you have still mind clear already by now, if base on strong mind or willing to train your self to be strong, then you are ready to find the truth or true knowledge in reading for the guiding idea, that will help you to find your true self, but you need to train to be calm and have stable energy within first, as you may find that it bring your mind to busy and confuse, while your inner energy is not stable enough. So you should take at least our workshop before read the information guiding from my site, since now.
For this page base on the idea of choice in your life, you may need to see by train your mind in the same time and consider follow, I give you the true example of nature and about some of the important truth in life. 
If this bar is the whole life, there are 2 parts, part of birth and death. If you want to have the mass life (your spirit and body in a life), then you have to have both sides of it, birth and death. If you just have a life only your energy, or soul no need the mess part, then you don’t need to have this 2 parts like in the picture.

life bar

Things will start then keep continue change always to grow and it should be able to maintain but always change, just you might not notice. It will change to go up and stay for a while, then will change down or deteriorate part.
To enjoy living or happy to be you, as you are a life so should be lively, to live your life then it is suit to be a life, but if not it will be deteriorate which is opposite site of life. It then direct to death. So for anything you have one side or opposite side to it. It is beginning part and the end part of everything.
One law of the truth is things will start then it will keep continue to maintain and change always to grow just you might not notice. It will change to go up and stay for a while, then will change down or deteriorate part.
So the theory that people study, there are energy of life or creation and aggressive part which is death in one thing. So that is the result of this rule to people that ‘Sigmund Freoy’ had met and observe their behavior, it becomes the knowledge of behavior foundation, psychology. He found the undeveloped people to learn and use that to concluded that is what all-human base on. But that was the choice they made, which they might be aware or have conscious about it or not, they must take the result of it anyway.
So think about now? Do you want to make choices for your life or you want other things or other persons make choices for you and that is your choice that you make too, which you then need to take the result of it. This is the reason why do need to decide to make choices with your conscious with your mindfulness, and so then you need learn to be aware to practice awareness? Do you going to live your life while you are sleep or in illusion or with your awaken enlighten and cheerful mind? As by the time in living your life you always need to make your choices.

Why do you need to make your choices? 

This page is continuing from the page of This content continues from the page of make the best choice to better you life.
If you don’t make it, it mean you make your choice to not direct yourself to something that you focus on anyway, but your choice that you make is just let things happen not matter good or bad which usually it will turn bad result, because you don’t use your mindfulness or conscious to approach good things, so it will go to the rule of changing always, go down like everything, like water will go down to the sea finally, and the mind will move down. If you abandon anything, your house your health, your love our your relationship your car or your bicycle they then will turn down to decay and ruin faster.
Any choice that you make, you might not accept and refuse to responsible it? But can you do that? Can you avoid bad result of it, from what you have done which you did not try to take care of it, or don’ t try to make it good?

So how to make your choices?

So by now, you then can not refuse of make your choices, while some people may be say word of excuse that they have no choice, so they done bad thing. That is also your choice to not try to understand the whole situation with your right state of mind, which is with awareness and stay in calm work on yourself to find out how can you feel trust so you can ask for the better choice, you have choice to pray for things. Which once you trust and find the right stage of mind then you will find the better choice, don’t just let yourself with no love and no care and just claim that you have no choice.
And if you said you don’t know how to be in the right state of mind that you will be calm and stable so you find the better choices as you will be in the moment that you connect to your wisdom mind, so here it is, I m here to support you to work on yourself so you find the best state of mind that you can feel of love energy support you, so you will be balance, be stable be wise be with love energy and be powerful to creative or positive for yourself and you could share all of this to the whole planet, to all those who deserved.
So I will then talk about what to do with life? Since now, you should see the point that why to need make your choice, if you won’t do it. It mean that you choose to get any bad situation, because it is just like suppose you were a fish you need to swim against the river, if not the water stream will move you down, until you go to the shallow water, they will go to the filed of rice, or close to farmers. These pictures are just to show you how easy for them to death because easy to catch them.
And if fishes swim opposite direction of water that move down but they move up, these are picture of water high above that they will live, while they are safer because how many farmers or fisher man will go up there to fishing?

ton nam

Choices of fishes

ton nam6


There fore, if you understand how to go up, you understand how to manipulate yourself to climb up, then you be on your way to true safe (security of life). You will find that many people can learn and understand life, by study or learn through living life. Life is part of nature. It has the same rule to the nature. Nature shows you about there are life and death in the nature. There are positive and negative things on earth. There are good and bad, creative and destruction, so there are 2 kinds of energy in life, there are life energy and death energy or aggressive, violence, and direful which is the part of decay. So will be positive side, like love, light, peace wisdom, safe and trust. Other side also exists, like fear, hate, stupid or ignorance, destroy, and anger which in the side of negative and suffering.

Fish can make the other choice for them to go negative way for their lives, like this.

fish in shallow5

fish catch on web

So all of us must know that we have both of this side on earth, in man woman in human and other beings. Which what do you like to choose then? Animals has good and bad thing in them as well. Just some animal have better benefit things or have good energy more than some animals, they are just like people, for each particular person, they have good and bad, just the person have choices to grow which part, so they have more and can control other part. If they don’t should to grow positive side, then it just let part of destructive to work and it will grow by it self.
Finally about to learn to understand yourself, your life and the nature truth or rule of universe, so you can function right to grow, it take time, just like fishes take time or the rest of their life to swim. They have to swim anyway, also you have to move on, in your journey of life anyway; If you were a fish, you know where will be safe so you have direction to swim to, and live your life by the same time. Other fishes just live their lives and swim without going anywhere, just are at the same place. Or they will let stream of water bring them down. You will see that there are different type of people, many like to stay the same, many like to do nothing, don’ t want to work in anything. And some people wish to develop themselves and always move up. So they are willing to learn and practicing, to work on themselves and work on things.
Once you are now make your choice to develop, I will give you the next page talk about who are you actually? Why you are here on earth for general. But each person should have some missions that are the same. But some are not the same missions, according to each particular person.

About my courses of guidance, which help you to find out your true self.

You will use the way that you like to learn, you can learn by make journey of your life to train your self (purify yourself) in the same time so you can receive the pure (holy) energy from the holy places in Thailand that we can go on pilgrimage tours.
All activities I organize, I just find the way that fit for many kinds of people, which activities that help you to learn the best to live your life and learn to understand yourself in the same time.
As you need to understand your own situation that where you are at? So you will work on it from there. And so you will find choices that you can make from above? Also you wish what result in the future after you work on it? So this is about then your must know purpose of your life, if not know it yet, so you need to find out. You may have purpose in your life; your thought might be able to set it up. But that is not our target of helping you to think for your purpose, if you like to be success in material world, there are so many courses and knowledge from books that you can read and work on to be success in that. I will help people with understand themselves, in emotions, minds or thought, state of mind to feel relax, balance, be healthy both body and mind, find and approach independence in term of free your life from life’s traps – or from any prison like prison of thought, prison of society or suffering that human minds created. People who are rich in material they may get stuck in they own thought or have a weak minds, from being slave of their own feeling (be dependent) –anything like feeling pleasure, upset, frustration, sad, stress, which most can’t really control themselves to be real independence of the mind.
Once you have the reasons to do something, so you will start to learn better how you would you? You may need to find out that what are the problems? But no matter what you find for the answer, you have the reasons to work on it, which will bring your inspiration, it could go up and down, which you might need to work on yourself first. Then nothing will be the problem now, because all problems you can solve if you don’t know how yet. But you have the reasons to learn then you will know how. Because you want to release yourself from all kind of traps, from unstable mind, which are suffering for sustainable solution, don’t you?
So the first place to start is about you to make your choices, to do for your life, what do you with your life, and for what?
To find purpose of you life and then you will start to work on yourself to make it right, fit to your purpose. But if you are in level that needs support to understand yourself so you can find purpose of your life, then we will start from that level, any level. Once you understand yourself, you will be able to find the right purpose of your life. And because it is the right purpose, so you will be happy in your moment that you work on it, because each step you make, give your feeling full you up, of enjoyment, because it should feeling more fix, more relax and close to balance for you.
From above choices, I wouldn’t support you to choose 4 and 5 (but if you feel like it, you must don’t feel good to have it in you so I will help you release the feeling like to make those choices). I should support you to make 3 or 2 or 1, and there are higher that the first list above choice that is your choice to full your self up and keep on then you will have more then enough to share to the world. There would be higher level and the highest for you should be what you specify it up on your understanding in life and the whole universe. You will specify it higher once you even understand better in the future. So you have a choice to continue learning.


If you start by learn to understand the right path in your life journey of: 

Who are you and why were you on earth?

And work on direct yourself to the right understanding, since you aware that are so many illusion on earth, then it should be ok (if you don’t miss it).

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To make better choices in life; would you learn to understand to your true self is first?