Where our workshops we be held?

Our workshops will be held at ‘Universe mind energy centre’ and online by Skype.

About Universe mind energy centre We will introduce you to a local spiritual centre call Universe mind energy centre Click to the website of Universe mind energy centre (at the moment only in Thai), Click to see where is it local in Chiang Mai 

The centre where there repeatedly astounded people by quickly transformation of life of the powerful methods that the centre guide to people. And the effective of tools that help people understand deep inside of them. This place have high energy that the karma reader will connect to the awaken knowledge from higher conscious above. Which once and connect through purify it’s mind process till it change frequency of mind to the level of higher consciouses, so it’s tune. It is concentrate of pure energy from the universe in this place. If you are aware in present moment and be one deeply in yourself you will feel that you can easily connect to your true parents (our source) here. The centre at the moment is small, but if more of us find our missions and work together network to help to save our planet (even though can’t do for the whole world), it will grow much bigger. That people might not imagine by now. I can imagine some of the image since I saw and experience how powerful of the great energy (levels beyond human state of mind up to the source energy relate with my master).

1510958_10152592167429012_1023433774_n I (organizer-Shiny) find that it is unique because of the pure energy from source connection and the place is install with this effective and powerful energy to help you, just you need to work on to clean yourself and follow the guide tools, then you will connect to the energy power that high empower you and your life. What we do here is not by anyone desire, but it is the command for pure energy above that guide us to save those who deserve and some parts of the planet that deserve to be saved. Our group who serve the higher consciouses command called ‘Siang Samaathaanthip’. We respect and believe in these commands, which are from pure spirits in help to save some people or some part on earth that need to be saved. Who work with higher conscious (pure energy). This Universal mind energy centre is establish by our master Samaathanthip for us we find that she is special from her talent in her spirituality mission, her energy, her mission and how she made- her soul. Master Samaathaanthip does her mission of helping and saving our planet (even only some are deserved) then lead from her mind insight awareness. As this mission is not from her mind but from the conscious one mind or the awaken source that you and prove by raise your mind up (in purify your mind on the process I lead you to learn step by step but it is fast since it is direct but must be fast since you use the tools, of course not when you stop your journey and stop use the vehicle). 2 pics center

You will find out all the answers to your questions at this centre (may be only One day workshop may not enough, for some people who need to go deeper on their deep issues, I now offering the Two day workshop, and Grow your life counseling for my help that I need to work with the universe mind energy centre to help you if you attend this course as well, for the energy level.

You can always go back and ask more question with our master or ask for consultant for your life (or minds) understanding and development. We will provide big projects for our planet, and constantly do that in the form of Siang Samaathaanthip foundation We do One day, first day workshop and yoga for healing and support learning spiritual growth here, (and other activities that I mentioned). We will meet in the city and I will manage to help with your transportation, could be just by motorbike that I can pick you up, it will depend on how many people but for the workshops we usually work one to one with you, as it’s about your personal issue. If you like to know here is where the universal mind energy centre locate.