Who you are and why were you on earth?

Who you are and why were you on earth?

Why do you need to answer this question? It is because you need to find the right purpose of your life since you may find the reason that why you need to make choices and the choices must be to better your life or to grow your life only, because if not then it is dangerous, it is all about unhappy or suffering which nobody want it, according from the page of the table below.

This page is continuing from the page of Understand mechanism of life, your life and happiness, to be happier.

If you wish to get yourself to do something you need to know yourself in fact enough to be able to manipulate or to administrate yourself. It is just like if you would like to train any animal such as a monkey or a dog, you need to know it in exactly what it is like?

And if you misunderstand of who you are and why you are here on earth, you won’t direct yourself to what your true self would do for the right function. We see so many example like if a police are not work as a police honestly but work as a robber in stead, just use police’s position for what he want to do, and what if they are so many of them? A lot of people don’t do their duty but try to do something else to make things go crazy, and we will see that People who are unaware in what they are doing, they are harmful and just give too much destructive on earth. This is the reason what you need to know your true self, indeed.

I wish I could expend everything here. But it doesn’t work like that. You can’t read any book, article or hear any talk to understand yourself, indeed.

I can only guide on something, you need to start by give part of your time to take care and work on to understand it. In fact you need to learn all the rest of your life, till finally you will be aware on yourself fully. Actually I should not explain too much in here because if you hear some theory, you will think that you can see the whole idea, but it may be totally wrong. And if you understand just by your brain, it will be much different to your whole energy understand (insight knowledge) that is, as actually you need to make the action work, and learn from your work through your real life experiment. All of my activities that I provide will support you to learn through your living life.

If you have a life, you have 3 of these components, body, mind and spirit, which on are you mainly you think? It is not so clear for definition. Now I find that, they are no word for a very important one in English. And I find that every one needs to start with me in a workshop at least, even though you consider that you are now high level in spiritual learning. But knowledge that teaching out there are very confusing.

I think the process of learning must not be the same way to learning in material, but it must be it’s own way, as it is to go inside, not to focus material things out there. You really need to try by a workshop and with 5 sessions of online course or at least 5 sessions of yoga and mind training for the right self evaluate. If you must try something like I suggest for self evaluate training, and really need to understand yourself honestly, in the way you are. You don’t need to feed your ego, only this way you will then can find yourself that who you are for your right truth, you don’t need just a little of ego.

We are from the same source, no matter, what religion or language, I will support you to find yourself that not separate to all, you need that state of energy connection strong and continue for long enough. Then it will help you to find that who you really are?

For this occasion I will give you just very rough example, and if you really wish to know who you really are, please contact me for some courses or activities, you will find that you can learn amazing things that your life really need it, from my facilitator that you hardly find anything like this from anywhere else.

The mind understanding will help you to understand how to do mind development. It will start from understand many things in life. How your mind works, so then it is how your life works for the most, because it drives by your mind.

It has been through many things until now at your age. People had been collected different things, believe or dogma, it form people to have different habits, good or bad. Now you since you are interested to develop to not anything about to move down like instinct, which study of psychologist, find out not so good things in human instinct. Most people are blind, and they are in illusion what do they think while they do this things? You think? The below example, this is an example of what human do. If you don’t understand human minds, and let yourself to anything you feel like, then it could be anything like the story below.
This posted is in Thai I will try to translate to English for the text soon, but all story in in the video below.

This story is an example of how human behaviors are. (Video)

Marina Abramovic on Rhythm 0 (1974) from Marina Abramovic Institute on Vimeo.


You should see it about how human do things, a lot more than this there are violence things every where and other studies in human behavior, in mind development, you need to learn the subject of life, which our earth is the school, the earth is the big school of anything but I would focus on the important thing that help you to grow as once you can develop you then can make the best choices in your life.

I had been in mind development field for very long time, I my self searched to learn and practice in different kinds of techniques, about the past 10 years I did more in focus on healing, because I found that I need it for myself, in the form of Buddhist. And there are so many style of Buddhist, I got lost just before I met my master (my present master). So I understand that people could make mistake and get lost. Even I went to the strictly Buddhist practicing, so many places before when I was young, but still I can’t find the right way to actually heal myself from many things, like my unhealthy body, my weak emotions, my unstable mind, busy minds and don’t find strong energy in supporting me to live my life within. Until you find how to feel energy of trust inside of you, then you understand how you get rid of fear.

I find the different feeling later since I experience feeling stronger once I had use the right methods of mind development. People know that no body is perfect, to start mind development, it needs to clean negative parts or weak points or you can say to fill the holes up first.

People could face to problems in life, if you don’t know enough about your mind, you don’t clean your mind, so you will awake your consciousness to work, and there is great energy inside of all of us. Your heart will let you to feel great, if you start by cleansing of darkness energy or low energy that every one has, more or less. It is natural from unclean things, you will find everywhere, if you abandon your hours, your car, your body, your health, if you don’t care, if clean condition, then it start to attract problems. But in life, people create problems for them selves because of too much negative energy inside of them, so they can’t see things clear.

People can make wrong decision easily, but as I give you example of human behavior above, and about the fishes, the way the fishes do, what are their habits, and what are your habits? Those habits bring, or attract what for your life?

Basically, I should just able to show you another kind that human behaviors, the positive one. If you understand yourself enough, you will be able to direct yourself to positive and attract positive result.

It might be easy to just speak but in practical, you might need to manifest some secret that most human don’t know, so they can’t really get themselves to do the right thing, but just can’t conquer their own mind, what they feel like to. Usually the minds have tricks to make people think, what their desire by illusion is right and they may thing it is the feeling from their heart.

If you purify negative energy or issue that you had been collected for a long time, will be better in evaluate yourself. There for your perception will change and your understanding will change, then your behavior won’t be the same.

I will show you another example video or boys; I think they are from India or Srilanka. They don’t have nice or luxuries things in material, but here is what they do on their holiday. So what you should, to spend your time for? If you consider for others, you grow your heart, expend your love, but many boy in civilized countries who have more choices to spend time on. They might go to discotheques, parties, and so on, for what they feel like to do, but why people feel like to do different things? Some enjoy sharing but a lot are enjoy taking?

If your inner energy has more chance to grow properly, you will enjoy doing what will grow your love, positive that fulfilling you up. I will show you more to make your natural of growing to be able to really grow your energy of mind, and your wisdom, which that will bring you peace. And eternal stable state of mind, I think the best for now is only shows you this two video. And then you will be the one who choose to find your true self, which you won’t let illusion, influent of society. Normally society lead your mind become like human mind, which not the mind that connect with consciousness. It is the game of so you will be in traps, in darkness or you will be independence? I emphasized that if you work on yourself in always purify your mind, especially with the very effective methods. That will be the certain way that you won’t get loss by get to illusion spiritual world, which I find myself waste so long time in lost in spiritual world. I still see many people are in this situation. That why I must do something like what I try to do now, so people are in the right point in working on themselves, to find who really you are, by strong within and connected to high consciousness above, that will support you. If you have good evaluate tools for yourself, so that you don’t work for your illusion desire or your tricky minds, then you must have less fear more love, brave, strong, stable mind and more trust.

Get start with my facilitation or supporting program then you will find the different.

If you watch this video, to be in the point of view that, according to the universe and cosmic, who human should be? And who you are? Should we have mission to relate to the whole system? Like all nature? Like trees, water and air for example, and like even bacteria and worms that they are eat to make thinks like dead leaves or plants and carcass; animal remains become humus.
We should have the right mission or the right function as well, if you realize for the right one that should be in awaken mind, we should not be in difficulty or too much struggling, like we are in traps, in darkness or any situation to go backward and won’t grow.