Do you consider making your life growth? Why do we all need it?

Do you consider making your life growth? Why do we all need it?

If you are now on your journey of travelling, don’t you think that your life journey must has purpose, and why not make it all for learning, and working on to your purpose of life? Because either while you are at home, you will need your spiritual journey by the same time to live your physical living life journey to move forward anyway. And why do we will waste our time? As we all have limit and short time in our lives.

Once our lives begin, we then start our journey of our lives, to go some where, Had you been thinking about why we born, or why we are here on earth? In our journey of life, we need to grow our lives is should be what we all do it or not? By realize about it or not it depends on each person. But in living life naturally, all being must start it one day, either already start or not yet.

If you realize that life need to grow, and you may know how, or you might not sure, whatever level you are for the moment. I m sure that, what I offer is something you need to know and to experience at least a day with us. Why it is like that? If you understand the whole idea or the whole picture of your own life that relate to (as apart of) universe truth, then you will act or function right align with harmony, powerful amazing nature.

Many people may realize by now that we need true security of life. Which money is might not the right answer, even we all need it, but if you understand, you will be independence from it, or from any causes of stress that life circumstance could bring you. And what most people dreams are might not the answer. I met a girl said love is the only answer, which of course that made her so sweet. Before we would find the answer, I think why don’t we first make the clear question? So what is the question or what is the problem? It is normal for living life that we must face problems, because with out problems or test, we would find out that how much we have grown? And what level we are at for the moment?

So what is the question? I think if you can answer your self that what life is? From begin till the end, you can see the whole picture of your life, then you will be able to understand your life, and you will find the answer yourself.

only this lifeB

All of life is? That is?

In our journey of lives, it is just like we are in school, as the earth is the big school. On the way of living life we will need to learn so we step forward to our purpose of lives.

Before we go any further about this, I try to talk in the way like I use to before, that is talk about all of us, human or being on earth. We all are from the same source, so we should be in the same rule or mechanism of life. So as we can be all together are one, as we would need love or we need the same thing that cause us, happy, to feel warm, feel stable with security, with relax, be balanced, be with trust (not fear), feel of the beauty of peace, feel of wisdom, feeling in harmony, with creation and independence.

I m sure that we all need the same thing as we are in nature and will be in the process of nature, we all are children of universe or nature. We can be both side of nature, the side of be balanced, it will be amazing beauty and powerful then. There are many ways that human try to understand the truth of the universe, nature and our lives, as a human being. I find that we all need to work in learning to understand ourselves, and our lives. The more we understand life, and ourselves the more we place our selves in the right place and will function right. And since you understand yourself, understand your life and all lives, as well as all the rule of nature or the whole universe. You will relate with things here in the right way and make things then be all right.

So now I come to start to focus on each particular person then, because people search for the answer for themselves. So I must use words for you, for all of you, for all of us and for me. It is the same thing as we all are lives. Just because people will search for understand yourself more than understand ourselves, all of us in word of searching for information. But I then just would like to make general idea of understanding that, we all (you and me) are part of the universe. If you or me can find the truth of yourself, then your will tend to find the truth of the universe because we have the truth knowledge briefly in ourselves. Since we are from the universe. You will find the universe truth by connect to your true self, it is part of self or the universe, that why we all can connect to be one, if we all are connected. I can’t just give you the information knowledge then you will connect, but I just can guide and support by facilitate you to learn in your way, so you can in touch with the universe (love part, not the crazy -because imbalance part). I do many kinds of activities, like courses, workshops as the strategy so you can connect to your own self. And since you have many ways of activities that allow you to express yourself, in the time that you are attending on learning and practicing to understand your mind. You will find that it is fun to learn and understand your essence of life. Because the true understanding must lead you to improve your life properly in all kinds of living so you can find your balance.

There for, to grow your life or to grow my life, should it be the same way or not? If it is not exactly the same way, it must be the same base of understanding in walk to the way of your life growth and my life grow.

Do you think it would be worth if we don’t know our purpose of life, what do we struggling for? What do we fight with problems, obstacle of life and all kind of sufferings in living life for?

All religions try to help to explain this but I just give you an experiment in one thing.

This is the mantra of discourse dealing with the turning of the Wheel of the law ; the First Sermon of the Buddha, if you try to meditate by hearing, focusing on the mantra deeply then find out what would you feel?

Even you don’t know the meaning of words, it is Pali, I know only a few words,

All religions could guide us, but if you can guide yourself first then you will go overcome attachment in religions. As if you still separate by religions, you then can’t access to one love for all from the source.

I will facilitate you for all level of your spiritual, level of psychology emotions, attitude and how you understand life and society all kind of conflict in life, level of karma energy for heal yourself, level of learn to grow in spiritual life, and level of connect deep with the universe be the universe (the source). This possible because of I m not alone in this work, I have helper in both physical and energy level, that if you are follow me on the site and start any workshop or course, you then will understand.