Wish to better yourself? And wish to make the best choices in life?

Wish to better yourself? And wish to make the best choices in life?

How? …… To better yourself, you may need to know your life mechanism and you may need to understand mechanism that running our planet, so you can find out how to achieve successful.

If what you want is true successful, for your true self, then you need to know your true self then.

Normally all of us wish to better ourselves, wouldn’t you agree?

Here I will share what I find out, and feel that it should be, which are from my learning in life. You need to learn to find out so you know if is true or not. From my guide you will find that it help to save your time if you go through the course I provide and connect you to my master for advanced courses, you might save your life time or hundreds, thousands or even some people may heading to lost millions life time, to go to your true destiny of life.
I must start from the beginning, to go back to your purpose that why do you want to learn? Or what do you going to work on yourself for? You need to know that because then you will determine, or to choose your choices, so do you realize that you have choices, if you do then what they are?
Normally all of us wish to better ourselves, if you are a life, you must wish to grow as that is natural of a life, plaints or animal have survival drive.
Normally for beings, since we all born, if we are true life, we must grow, if you understand the rule of living life or life mechanism. You will choose to grow and you will choose to conquer everything and the only way is start to conquer yourself, if you can’t do it yet you will work on by learning and practicing until you really know how and you will be able to do it. Actually if you choose to live your life it is only choice you have and you will do your best. Why we go for different things, people should conquer themselves, so they will direct themselves to the point they wish to go, or their purpose? 
It is self disciplines that people know that they should have so they will move forward. Normally man or anyone have mind power by natural, if they wish to success in anything they will. Because that will learn to find out how can they do it, and they must do it, they will manipulate themselves to do it.
You might see that you and others, everyone had made mistake, it is ok, to make mistake but it is not ok to not learn from mistake and improve. Life need to do things to live it self, but how you do things, with your understand, feel full of trust, relax and let it flow or not?
If you are someone who learns naturally, you will find the way to feel all right, to feel OK. You will see that people have choices to find high level in the way they desire, or just not ok, but to be great, to like super ok, or much further that super ok.
So people have different purpose. I don’t know how to use words, but there are different levels and direction that people focus on or the aim different things.
It is important, because then you will spend your energy and time to move yourself to that point that you think it is good for you? You will have the reason why. What if you miss understand that you thought you want that thing you spend your whole life to work for it, and finally you find out that is not what you want? How you can be sure that is what you want? People like to be happy so they could be wrong for many things for example they may thing that you live with person, they will be happy, so they decide to get marry, then later they might find out that they are not. So they devote, but many women in Thailand, in India or may be for Muslim women they might believe that to devote is not good, it is not the right things to do, so they will be patient they think that it will be better for them. That is more with believe which it could be true or not, whatever people had decided to take it. So this is the choice that people make for themselves.
What I think you need to at least know that you have choices and if you decide to choose anything it is really the best, from all the choices you have by the truth, not base on believe, the believe of you have no choice, or you have only small number of choices or you believe something is the best for your situation but it might not true. It might be what you thought, it will be sad that if you find out later, you ware wrong you could even make better choices or done better.
2 fats

Do you think these 2 girls don’t do the best for themselves?

So how can you see thing by the truth, base on the truth? So you will make the best choices? This question you can’t just get information or messages for your answer, you need to answer yourself by develop your skill to be able to see more and to understand more, people have limit of perceptions you need to expend it more. How? To develop your self I give guidance in my courses and activities, people need support different things according to their issues.

I only can give you some general idea so you see the point that you need to learn.

1st. To know mechanism that running our planet, or the rules on our earth that we live in. It is the law that role your life as well as other things. It’s because we all are from the same source. We have the same mechanism of the truth that drive us. If you know that so you make your choice go a long well with the true mechanism not against with will have the huge energy running whole things block against you then.

2nd. To know yourself clear, in the reality, not the way you think or dream that it is you. Or understand your true self why you are not with too positive or negative emotions or energy. From the page of principles you will see that why we need to be in balanced point for your state of mind.

You need to have purpose of your life, for the right direction of life, The the purpose of you life that choose for yourself, by what state of mind you are in? You can feel good or bad about something. You could choose to win or to fail, if you are not success yet, or now you fail in something or feeling fail (feel down), it doesn’t mean that you will be like that all the rest of you life. You always have choice to stay fail or to move forward.

Talking Choice

Did you see this video before? The guy calls Nick Vujicic, what choices that he made for himself? We don’t talk about his situation that he has, what he has in the past and now is different because he had made choices to response to things, to circumstance different to other people (most people).

The video may help many people to only think about it shortly, or do you think
about how he has inner energy like that? As how strong are you desire and your drive? So you need to follow the right course (direction) for yourself and your life to be your own master, how much are you willing to work on yourself? I try to find out of this, about drive energy, what ever you call it, life energy or life force, to better yourself. It should up to 2 things, I mentioned above, about to understand the truth that you need to base on.

Can you see this lady who try to get up in the video? 

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She is very tried, while Nick Vujicic, he is not his tried to try to get up. Why it is like that, because he had life energy, and he uses it to grow this life, he understands how, according to 2 things I mentioned and he have strong and clear purpose what he would like to do? 
It is an easy example about eating and exercise for balance of the body, we all knows this.
You might see 2 things, first people know about the truth that it should be balanced in things that you use, consume, or any activities, so it will support life to grow properly.
The video, about the guy who have no arms and legs who is famous to live his life, in the way he can choose, so he is success, But how about this guys? Do you think that they are success? But actually they are, in the way they choose.

3 guys

So these people make their life in the way they choose as well. I just want to point you to something.
As I said 2 things above is important, you think that the fat people don’t understand the truth about eating? No, it should not be like that, but it should be  because they can’t stop eating, as they are enjoy eating. They choose what they like and once you do that too many times, it become habits, it is attachment that it is not easy to control yourself anymore afterward, but still if they really want to change the habit, it is possible too, if people know how then it won’t be difficult, just you need to know how.
Another thing is about what you want, if you really what to do it you will try hard enough then you will be able to do it.

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From all of example here I just want to show you that people make choices for themselves. You have abilities and talents hidden inside just you need to develop yourself up. We are all human we are from the same source so we use the same rules, just what you would pick for yourself?
There are 2 things that you can be able to choose here, first is to conquer, and second is you want to let things just happen by it self whatever, which you choose to do nothing. Some people, when they feel like to eat they just eat, follow what they want and work nothing for themselves, no matter what, no matter if they are fat for the fat people. Because people believe that, they can’t do it, or they might try to do it but not until the right point so they see the result? Why? Because people can give up, if they don’t believe that it wills works, they will give up. It may be true, if you don’t learn to find the mechanism that how it works by the truth. It’s like if you go somewhere but you take the wrong road or wrong direction or wrong methods, it wont’ work, you need to learn to do in the certain way. Saying, if I want to cross the big river, but I will use a car drive straight to the river, not a boat, I won’t success, but I might die and if I will use a boat I need to learn how to use it. Or if I really want to use the car, I might need to find a good enough condition bridge, whatever it come with rules or conditions with it, like to fry by a helicopter, I must pay all of the conditions to do things that I wish to do, to make it cheap or expensive. That is up to how people want to choose. It might depend on time and how much money people have or what the like to choose to pay.
This is the idea of solutions, which people can think different because they believe or give value to different things, to whatever they want to do or to choose. 
Idea to remove fat by plastic surgery, these are from surgery, picture before and after.
So people can do thing that they think it is right, it is a good idea, or do thing stupid because of believe that is wrong, have wrong attitude and have bias. Or it could be true by right or wrong, good or bad in the way universe consciousness consider.
While people are still undeveloped, they are not at the point of completely purification, people can do thing to bring suffering to themselves and others. So that should be wrong according to moral and if you support anyone to get better or escape from suffering or hard times, then it should be the right things to do, since it bring safety and make it better from difficulty.
Once it comes to stories in life, it is complicate than my example here. You can see bad point or your friend or people around you for their problems or issues clear. But don’t see in yourself. Other people who close to you will see your back, see things behind you, which you don’t see that. But you see for them, in another way round. So you need to have the right understanding, don’t attach, but you think you understand it, and have the right attitude. Which may be true or not, you need to check by some criterion, which is not because your point of view that you cloud like and dislike something, not according to it give high (true) benefit to yourself and others, not harm anyone. But since people have bias or have the feeling like and dislike someone or something, so it is not easy to be right by the truth of the nature or the universe. What can we do then?
Well, I would say that if it is not any problem, once you said you don’t have bias, you love people, you do good things or you don’t eat too much, you don’t drink too much. Whatever you think, it may be right if it doesn’t bring any problem to your emotions and your feeling, you feel satisfy with all of it, for now, then it is ok for now. And if you feel that it will move forward to the highest development in life because you can feel balanced and trust, if not completely by now, but you feel that you are better then before and on your way, as you keep feeling better. Then it should be good at least it is on progression. This feeling must base on the stable and calm mind. If you are still feel vary or fear, you must check it out. I talk about principle of ‘MOOD’. If you are imbalanced because in positive or negative side in your state of mine. It is not the time that you will be able to see thing in the reality. So find out about our courses so you will be able to adjust that it should be right or wrong. You can start with our courses since now.
Or if you would like to know more so you will find out better for your purpose of life, I will guide more as much as I can do here so it help you to find your purpose of life. As right or wrong is according to your purpose, if you like to go to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, you take the road direct to the North, then it is wrong, so I mean it is right or wrong according to your purpose, that will specification your direction. But if you think about to go to nature waterfall, but you think then it should be in Bangkok, then it is wrong too. Because it is not the right place that has nature and nice waterfall, may be they build it in the city, but you go to Bangkok for waterfall and nature, it is wrong for you then. You also need to find out what you need clearly our courses will help you to know how in practical. For information on my site further about this will just try to help you more so you find your inspiration to learn and to work on yourself the most. So that will give you the big drive power for your succession.
Why you need to know the truth of things around, on earth, because so you find out how to go to your purpose in life. And why do need to know yourself what you need? Because it will support you to find the most satisfy, complete, relax, balanced or in the conditions that you are ok, you are happy with things and life enough. I don’t point you to the great point or Super Super ok like I mentioned before, because to be so happy because of you get something you like, or you want, you will be unhappy in another way round, if you don’t have it. It is not independence, but it is depend on things.
If anything can bring you happiness, because you like it, you want it or want it to happen, you need to be careful, because it can bring you pain you may saw the video, I share in the page of principles (link below).
The second guy is very clear example that he like to watch a lady, then it make him too much enjoy doing that so it bring bad and sad thing finally, you will see that first guy is careless too. I just show only a few of situation there, you don’t need to see the whole video, because only this much I want to point. All other cases most of them are the same, about unawareness.
Principles of true grow to the light, that will give you all answers of your life (video in this page).
If you are fun with out awareness to what you do, know what for? How much you can do for that purpose? As I said you know all about it, and know what would you do in it. Then you can manipulate your action and drive yourself to success easier. But if you are imbalanced, you just enjoy too much don’t want to control or out of control.
For the video below, I just want to show you in about 1 minute of the scene. The scene of fun and exciting for people, some other people can make it for you, if you like it then you will have so much fun.

But if you are depend on things like this, you need outer things to happen to make you happy, then outer things can make you sad as well.
There can be many scenes that you find, after the scenes that you like, so if you allow anything to make you happy, then you give power to that things (or person), they can make you sad or unhappy as well. But if you can be strong your mind doesn’t depend on those things, no matter what happen, you are ok, then you are independence.
This is a purpose of to be independence, and if you don’t care whatever happens, no matter if you live or die, because it you are happy or sad, it doesn’t effect anything. Everyone die anyway, so the movie, base on history of Scott land, Brave Heart focus on to live his life, so how he die, hi die worth, with freedom mind. Once he realized that they don’t have freedom, and they need it. The guy he worked for it. By spend life to the highest thing he wish, he think his life worth so how he die, he die worth as well. So this way, people could bring themselves happiness. Because they don’t get impact from other things, they will determination there own life by themselves, and even though he die, but the death doesn’t make he die. I don’ t think he die, and I think he might now feel that he die, because he put his life dedicate to his ideology, what he believe fully. So it makes his energy that he will never die. So no matter what happen he will be strong and powerful even to die, it means that even the death can’t kill him.
If you understand things like this you will be independence as well. Once you find your true life then you don’t need to have fear. Before you can find your true self, I think you should know natural law, or understand the truth of thing in general. It is the same rules to your life. So you will see that anything created by nature show how they are to teach the truth to us.
Why you should understand things? You will see that beings or people decide different way according to their wisdom, the might want better that that, but they might not wise enough so they can only pick what their wisdom can give them.
I will show you choices from nature so you understand how nature mechanism is and you might nee the page after this page to come back to understand your true self better.
If you understand what happen on this page Make better choices by find your true self & learn being mechanism.