Yoga for your spiritual growth

My yoga, is not the same to most yoga place that you been to, As I met people who said that she learn yoga with me for just 5 days (5 sessions) it just like she learn yoga other places for years.

If you learn and understand your mind before this step, I will give others basic before you do yoga, then it make your mind different, once your mind more grow, once you have done some work before yoga, mind and body exercise. And with my way of instructor, my way of understand life. It make you open more to receive energy that support you. Your mind should be more clear and strong since, so you will have different from once you did not learn and practice in what I guide for beginners.

151112-081804 171112-085000There fore, you will do yoga with your mind that have better prepare, you will have some practice follow the course of One day heal yourself workshop. I will start together this way to prepare, it will open the chance for you to be in the difference stage of mind that you will do yoga for releasing your negative energy and connect you to your higher self.

That why you will have more 181112-075731 181112-075926energy to do things (not just yoga), But with yoga in the way I instruct, I don’t let you in the understanding that you will achieve your body postures, but your mind to release and let go. As you focus at your mind and you had done cleansing your mind, your emotion and spiritual before yoga. That thing will help you to be able to do your best.


You then might find out that you can do what you didn’t expect that fast.


Some people would say to me of I teach advanced things for beginner. But it is just unlock your limit mind. You don’t need to use human mind. If you can go beyond this mind with purification energy support you. It is no need to be in the form like your mind had been pattern.

P.s. If you come for learning you then will find high benefit, but if you just come because of curious of how I will be like? To judge and not to learn anything, don’t prove by use the way I guide, then I can say that you may get nothing or just find more negative that feedback from yourself create it first. If you see things not the same to what you heard or know before, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work because your thought, or your experienced before told you like that.

I just wish you to experienced now things so you will be surprise of your life, yourself and you might not understand enough about yourself.

What do you have purpose in doing yoga? And what is your purpose to of life? Can you find that yoga practice will help you to grow in the way you made purpose in your life? If you can be one with yourself, be one with your work, and be relax in the same time. You will find that yoga in strong and still mind, relax, focus and clear mind you will find that it will take you to feel lighter. So it must be together with your understanding in life.

Laura yogaThis will support your life of releasing and be independence goal. But I don’t emphasize you to do just one thing, by yoga it self (by not understand energy and have clear your mind in the level before the session of yoga) it doesn’t strong enough to support you to the level I talk about yet. That is my experience that dare you to experience yourself.

I will have my session at the universe mind energy center. But normally people need to start with Heal your mind workshop to do yoga with me to find the highest benefit in yoga. So please contact me for the Heal your mind work shop first or for more information.

We have yoga in the morning 7-9 am, and I will need to pick you up to go to the center together.

370 bt. for 2 hours session of yoga and you need half an hour before yoga to prepare your mind practicing, the heal yourself workshop will understand you will this practicing.

Please feel free to ask me question by the time after sessions if you wish to learn and understand your life and living life on earth according to nature truth knowledge or align with awaken universe.

About place for yoga, most people might don’t consider of energy place. We do work of purify minds there at the universe mind energy centre, if you are really focus on spiritual work you will be able to feel the strong energy for this place that support you to grow your mind, and purify your mind. 

So if we do activities of mind cleansing and increase positive energy in the right place, then this time your yoga session will be special, it should be not like just a place in the building especially with air condition, this is not natural style so we don’t follow that. If you consider about going back to the nature connect with your true self or your nature.

And the place will consider are with good air much more ozone so, this is for you health, the most benefit for mind and body, that why we make choice to do yoga in this place I talk about before Where our courses and workshops we be held?